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Date: June 6-16. Purpose: Return trek to Tacadang, worship and fellowship with three local church leaders, conduct medical and children’s ministry, and survey neighboring villages. Cost: Estimated at US$500, excluding airfare to Manila. Costs include transportation, food and hotel accomodations in Manila, round-trip transportation to Kibungan, and food for the trek.
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Location: Southeastern Asia, archipelago between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea, and east of Vietnam. Area: 300,000 square kilometers. Terrain: Mostly mountains with narrow to extensive coastal lowlands. Highest point: Mount Apo (9,692 feet/2954 meters). Population: 97,976,603. There are 190 people groups in the Philippines; 21 are counted among the “least reached” people groups of the world.Life expectancy: 71.09 years. Largest people groups: Tagalog (28.1 percent), Cebuano (13.1), Ilocano (9), Bisaya/Binisaya (7.6), ...
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