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Jordan Rowley

Mission Moments: Peru (November)

Throughout the month of November Climbing For Christ’s missionary to Peru, Jaime Servat, traveled to Ecuador and to the mountain villages of Chalhua and Chilcabamba, Peru sharing the love of Jesus all along the way. We praise the Lord for this faithful brother and all of the wonderful work our Lord is doing through him. Here is Jaime’s edited report from the field: Ministry in Ecuador Passing His beautiful creation, Mount Imbabura, on the road to Chamanal village in the Carchi Province of Ecuador. I was invited by several Climbing For Christ members to conduct a short term mis... Read more »


The spectacular 22,205-foot (6,768-meter) Huascaran Norte in the Cordillera Blanca. (Photo by Gabe Colburn, C4C) Many powerful civilizations once called ancient Peru their home. One of the more prominent peoples in history to occupy this land were the Incas. However, in spite of thier stature, upon the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in 1533, the Incas saw their empire captured and virtually destroyed. After almost 300 years of foreign occupation, Peruvian independence was declared in 1821 and fully realized in 1824. Since then, Peru has faced many years of corrupt and selfish governme... Read more »
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