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Jordan Rowley

All four seasons at Mendon Ponds Park

Climbing For Christ board member Kevin Kimble said it well when he spoke of God "blessing us with all four seasons" as we hit the trails with Heritage Christian Services on Saturday, April 20th. At times it was sunny like summer, crisp like fall, and even snowy like winter. Of course, all along the trail the buds were beginning to pop as well, signaling the official arrival of spring. Ready to hit the trail We've been incredibly blessed by the wonderful fellowship and friendship that we've experienced throughout many seasons here in the Rochester area, as well as in the Adirondack Mountai... Read more »

Photo of the Week: Morocco

Photo of the Week: MoroccoThe team hiking out of the valley through a slot canyon in the Atlas Mountains during the 2013 Morocco Trek. CLICK HERE to read Dispatches from the trip. Read more »

Mission Moment: Pakistan (April 18)

More for Lahore Back in March, the homes and possessions of around 200 Christian families were viciously burned in the village of Lahore, Pakistan. [CLICK HERE to read Fiery Persecution in Pakistan.] Since then, these precious families have struggled to regain any sense of their “normal” lives. “It was incredible to see the people who were struggling to get relief items from us,” Haseeb Masih, of C4C partner ministry Save Pakistan, said after returning from his third trip to Lahore. During this visit, women’s clothing as well as men’s, women&rs... Read more »

Fiery Persecution in Pakistan

"But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one." - 2 Thessalonians 3:3 One man’s alleged blasphemy against Islam quickly led to the homes of about 200 Christian families being vandalized and burned as they fled for their lives in Lahore, Pakistan on March 9. Two Christian churches were also burned as the mob of nearly 4,000 Muslim men took to the streets of Lahore. Shortly after this incident, one of Climbing For Christ’s partner ministries, Save Pakistan, responded and went to Lahore to minister to the needs of those affected by the attack. In... Read more »


Throughout most of the past thousand years, Morocco has been ruled by a series of dynasties. The most recent, known as the Alaouite dynasty, dates back to the 1600s. Today, the Kingdom of Morocco is what’s known as a constitutional monarchy. This was established in 1957 by Sultan Mohammed V, after Spanish and French rule of the territory. In the late 7th Century, the indigenous Berber peoples of Morocco (along with many other North African peoples and nations) were gradually dominated and subdued during the Arab Muslim conquests. Since that time, Morocco has essentially remained a Musl... Read more »

Trip Report: Haiti (2013)

Mission: Haiti 2013 Trip Report A witness to God’s wonderful works By Jordan Rowley Climbing For Christ spiritual coordinator “He has made His wonderful works to be remembered; The LORD is gracious and full of compassion.” – Psalm 111:4 Climbing For Christ was blessed to begin serving the people of the mountains of Haiti in 2005 (CLICK HERE to read about C4C’s HIStory in Haiti). Since then, His ministry of C4C has returned 10 times. We have been privileged to build three churches (our fourth is currently under construction) on the island of Hispaniola, take o... Read more »

DISPATCHES: Haiti (Saturday, Feb. 2)

Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013 After a connecting flight in New York City, Brandy Everts and Jordan Rowley made it back to Rochester, NY on Friday evening with only a minor delay. Then early this morning, the Colorado contingent of our team, Steve Quakenbush, Eileen Lakey and Lisa Mehle-Glab made it home safely. Once again, we offer our praise and thanks to the Lord for surrounding this team with His favor as with a shield. We will all continue in the work of Mission: Haiti in preparation and prayers... until next time!  Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013 This morning w... Read more »

Mission Moments: Peru (November)

Throughout the month of November Climbing For Christ’s missionary to Peru, Jaime Servat, traveled to Ecuador and to the mountain villages of Chalhua and Chilcabamba, Peru sharing the love of Jesus all along the way. We praise the Lord for this faithful brother and all of the wonderful work our Lord is doing through him. Here is Jaime’s edited report from the field: Ministry in Ecuador Passing His beautiful creation, Mount Imbabura, on the road to Chamanal village in the Carchi Province of Ecuador. I was invited by several Climbing For Christ members to conduct a short term mis... Read more »


The spectacular 22,205-foot (6,768-meter) Huascaran Norte in the Cordillera Blanca. (Photo by Gabe Colburn, C4C) Many powerful civilizations once called ancient Peru their home. One of the more prominent peoples in history to occupy this land were the Incas. However, in spite of thier stature, upon the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in 1533, the Incas saw their empire captured and virtually destroyed. After almost 300 years of foreign occupation, Peruvian independence was declared in 1821 and fully realized in 1824. Since then, Peru has faced many years of corrupt and selfish governme... Read more »
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