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Climbing for Christ Chapters

Climbing for Christ has chapters throughout the United States and around the world.  Select on at right to learn more.

Interested in organizing a Climbing For Christ chapter in your part of the world? E-mail

The Word

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” — Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NIV), the reason behind organizing chapters. The fellowship of believers adds up to encouragement and growth.

Latest Chapter News

C4C Canada

Welcome to Climbing For Christ Canada! By Brandy Everts Climbing For Christ Canada coordinator While serving on Mission: Nepal 2012, Climbing For Christ president Gary Fallesen preached about being “Blessed to be a Blessing.” Canada has been blessed by God in many different ways, all the way from having Founding Fathers who in 1867 made our constitution founded on Biblical principles to having a God-fearing Prime Minister governing our nation. We have been blessed with food on our tables, heat in our houses, and the list goes on and on. The question is: what are we going to do... Read more »
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Heritage Hikes

Back to Bald Mountain For the fourth year, Climbing For Christ partnered with Heritage Christians Services so that some of our friends — not to mention brothers and sisters in Christ — can enjoy God's creation. Here's the report from C4C member and Heritage staff member Diane Sturmer on the annual Bald Mountain Climb, held Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012 in Old Forge, NY, where the relationship between Climbing For Christ and Heritage began: We had an incredible time on the Adirondack Adventure retreat! We prepared for the hike with a warm-up hike on Monday on Cresent Trail off of ... Read more »

Re-starting the chapter: Hike on Chickies Rock

Re-starting the chapter: Hike Chickies Rock An easy one-mile hike on Chickies Rock near Columbia, Pa. on Sunday, Aug. 17, 2008. Chapter coordinator Chip Beck and long-time member Bill Wos met. “We had a great time of fellowship and brainstorming,” Craig says, as he seeks to find ways to get more local members involved with the chapter. The view of the Susquehanna River from the top of Chickies Rock.  Read more »

Craig and 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'

Craig and 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' Jon and Kate Plus 8, a reality TV show about a husband and wife who had twins and then sextuplets, visited the Christian theater in Lancaster where chapter coordinator Craig Beck worked as the lead small animal trainer. “Hello everyone,” Craig said. “Hope all is well in your world. Just thought I'd give you a heads-up. Sight & Sound Theatres will be on an episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 at 9 p.m. Monday, Sept. 15, 2008 on The Learning Channel. The family visited here a few weeks ago and we were able to show a few critters to ... Read more »

Hiking Pinnacles

Hiking Pinnacles Lucas Huey was leading a hiking trip to the Pinnacles National Monument on Saturday, Nov. 8. It went well, he said despite the lack of hikers. “No one turned out, but that's fine,” he said. “Christie and I turned it into a prayer hike. “It was a pretty amazing day. We saw and talked to two other groups of hikers, most of which were believers, and the others didn't want to hear it. So I prayed for them while hiking.” A good lesson for all of us.  Read more »
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C4C - 3B

C4C-3B We're rethinking our famous C4C-3B — a monthly meeting where we will have a Bible study, do some bouldering and hang out by a bonfire. Thanks to a lot of help, the WonderWill bouldering cave (located at 7611 Kiowa Ave., Chanhassen) is open for business, and ready for fellowship! We've been meeting every month at my house. Now we're looking at branching out at a local climbing gym (or gyms). Stay tuned for more details. Read more »
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50/50 Climbathon

50/50 CLIMBATHON Our goal was to raise money for Mission: Haiti. On Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7, we held our first (annual maybe) 50/50. That is, 50 miles in 50 hours. This Climbing For Christ fundraiser was be held on the Superior Hiking Trail.  Read more »
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Afton Family Hike

Afton Family Hike The first annual C4C MN Chapter Fall Foliage Family Fun Hike on Saturday, Sept. 27 was a great success. Six people participated in the pleasant 3.5-mile hike through the rolling St. Croix River valley in Afton State Park. It was also the first C4C event for the newly married Eckers family. Congratulations to Gabe and Michelle! They have a great story about their relationship — I encourage everyone to ask them about it some time.  The prior evening's weather check called for clear skies, but my windshield wipers were intermittently oscillating across... Read more »
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Climb On

Climb On The chapter's first annual “Climb On” weekend was Saturday, May 16 and Sunday, May 17 at Taylors Falls. To see a YouTube slideshow go to   Read more »
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Climbing at Taylor's Falls

Climbing at Taylor’s Falls We had eight people attend and two learned how to multi-pitch and trad climb on Saturday, July 26. One of those attending was an exchange student from Europe. We met a bunch of climbers and had some great dialogue with them, some about environment and a little about C4C when they would let me slip it in.  Read more »
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Prayer Peak Days

Prayer Peaks Day Three members started hiking and praying over the first letter “p” when it started raining on Barn Bluff in Redwing, Minn. onSaturday, June 28. We found a cave that was a short, Class 4 scramble up from the trail, and took shelter there until the rain stopped. We continued to pray in the cave and talked about the significance of seeking shelter — in God. We read some other verses and prayed in the cave for a good hour. I shared some short passages from John Piper's Don't Waste Your Life. We talked about other Biblical people who spent time in caves an... Read more »
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No snow for shoeing Saturday

No snow for shoeing Saturday There isn't even total ground cover at New Germany State Park in Garrett County, Maryland, and it's closed to skiing. So the Saturday, Jan. 26 snowshoe outing is postponed. We want to do it when conditions permit. Questions? E-mail Dan McQueen at or call (410) 730-5957 or e-mail Nathaniel Lee at or call 443 820-3253.  Read more »

Trip Report: Hike on Old Rag Mountain

Trip Report: Hike on Old Rag Mountain Nicholas Seaman, Uriah Simonton, Sarah Beth Cassel, Rodney Whitman and Dan McQueen hiked Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah National Park on Saturday, Nov. 3. Nic and Uriah came with full packs of climbing gear as a climbing guidebook said there is some of the best rock climbing in the Mid-Atlantic on Old Rag. Old Rag is the best known hike in this region. It is an interesting and challenging circuit hike of about eight miles featuring more than 2,000 vertical feet of climbing with the last mile a boulder and rock scramble up a ridge. On a clear day ther... Read more »

Trip Report: Hike up Big Schloss

Trip Report: Hike up Big Schloss By DAN McQUEEN Chapter co-coordinator Saturday, Nov. 24 — At 6:36 a.m., with the temperature hovering at 26 degrees and a good breeze, Andrew Pendergast from Calvary Community Church and Dan McQueen drove west for two hours and 10 minutes to the Big Schloss parking area on forest road 92 in George Washington National Forest, Virginia. Starting at 1,500-foot elevation we hiked up 1,400 feet over 3.7 miles along Stony Creek to Sugar Knob Cabin. We talked to a man who camped out the night before with his 10-year-old son, who was on his first backpa... Read more »

Hot-dogging it on Engineer Mountain

Hot-dogging it on Engineer Mountain By Michael Wall Western Slope chapter coordinator Engineer Mountain Climb: Classic hike/climb, Saturday, July 23 Ascending the Engineer. The team all met up early the morning of the climb in the La Plata County Fairgrounds parking lot. My soon-to-be wife Rachel and I were meeting two of her cousins. We all piled in my vehicle and headed north toward the trailhead. When we arrived, the parking lot was packed. I was somewhat blown away by all the cars. It was the most I had ever seen up there. That day, I was dealing with an Achilles problem on... Read more »

Prayer Peak Days

Prayer Peaks Day Western Slope Chapter coordinator Mike Wall reported: “Great Prayer Peaks hike (on Hogsback Mountain outside Durango on Saturday, July 2), but man was it hot! Thankfully, Dairy Queen is on the way home!”  Read more »

Going to extremes for Haiti

Going to extremes for Haiti Facing avalanche danger, members of the Colorado Front Range Chapter participating in an extreme CLIMBATHON event, cut short the “24 Hours of Torreys” on Saturday, June 20. The plan for the “24 Hours of Torreys” had been ascents up three Class 3 routes — Dead Dog, Eroica, and Emperor couloirs — on 14,267-foot Torreys Peak. As much as 15,000 feet of vertical gain, all to raise financial support for Mission: Haiti. “The mountain wasn’t in play that day,” said Josh Carroll. “We decided a couple d... Read more »

Fall (or is it a winter?) Climb

Fall (or is it a winter?) climb We'd like to take a group climbing on Saturday, Oct. 24. Contact Josh Carroll at with suggestions for a peak and if you want to come along. Read more »

$4 on the 4th

$4 on the 4th There will be a FourBucks Fundraiser on the 4th of every month. Skip your specialty coffee drink and give it to Climbing For Christ. Let's see how much we can do with this caffeinated money on Saturday, July 4. Read more »

Mini- Mission: Haiti

Mini-Mission: Haiti Three Climbing For Christ members from the Front Range Chapter — Josh Carroll, Justin Lee and Dr. Steve Quakenbush — made a special trip to the Dominican Republic from March 27-30 to deliver medical supplies and other goods to missionary Miguel Rubén Guante. Josh and Steve were members of the Mission: Haiti 2008 team and are scheduled to participate in this year's Evangelic Expedition to Haiti in November and December. CLICK HERE for Josh's Trip Report.  Read more »

Winter Climb

Winter Climb Self-arrest practicing ground. (Photo by Jill Jolley) We had a small group for our Winter climb of 13,427-foot Grizzly Peak D in Summit County on Saturday, Feb. 28. There were four cancellations Friday night and two more Saturday morning. Then we got off to a late start from the US 6 trailhead because of terrible traffic that turned a 50-minute drive into a 2½-hour drive. We hiked the ridge. Had a lot of fellowship, storytelling, prayer, and discussions. We made it to the ridge that ascends Grizzly proper and found that it was an amazing environment to pr... Read more »

Join 'The Club'

Join 'The Club' Photo by Craig DeMartino The Climbing Club (known as “Gripped”) is off for the summer months. The club will get together again in the autumn (dates to be announced) at Inner Strength Rock Gym, 3713 South Mason in Fort Collins. Admission for the two-hour club is $12 and includes instruction, a harness, climbing, and fellowship. Proceeds ($1 per person) will benefit Climbing For Christ. For more information, contact the Cyndy DeMartino at (970) 461-8581. Read more »

Pasta's On Us, Third Course

Pasta's On Us, Third Course: The third annual Adirondack Mountainfest outreach dinner was Friday, Jan. 11, 2008 at Lake Placid Baptist Church, 2253 Saranac Ave. Free food and drink. We offered a chance to start the carbo-loading for the Mountainfest weekend. Only 27 people took us up on the offer.  Read more »

Monday Night Climbing

Monday Night Climbing Monday Night Football may end, but not climbing on Monday nights. It happens every Monday night at the Rocksport Gym until May. Event organizer Jay Harrison is usually at the gym by 6 p.m. (sometimes as early as 4:30 p.m.). Cost is $8 without rentals, $12 with rentals. Due to popular request (and regular attenders not minding) Tuesday Night Bouldering is now Monday Night Bouldering. Boulderers climbed every week from late spring to autumn from 5 p.m. until dark. Aaron Welker putting the moves on a new problem at Johnson Ponds. (Photo by Todd Paris) Monday N... Read more »

Fire Tower Hikes

Fire tower hikes: By CHERYL ESPER Chapter coordinator (2003-2008) The Wakely Mountain fire tower (above) is one of the first steel towers erected by New York state. In 1915, 10 steel towers were purchased from the AerMotor Company of Chicago, a windmill manufacturer. Wakely was one of nine erected in 1916, the 10th was put up in 1917. Access into the tower was originally achieved by use of only a ladder. Self-supporting stairs were retrofitted into these towers beginning in 1929. All fire towers bought after 1916 came equipped with factory installed stairs.  Of these 10 onl... Read more »
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