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Climbing for Christ Chapters

Climbing for Christ has chapters throughout the United States and around the world.  Select on at right to learn more.

Interested in organizing a Climbing For Christ chapter in your part of the world? E-mail

The Word

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” — Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NIV), the reason behind organizing chapters. The fellowship of believers adds up to encouragement and growth.

Latest Chapter News

Great Range Traverse

Great Range Traverse Matt Hager did a modified Great Range Traverse in a day on June 16. He did it solo. His report: “When I began planning for the hike, I decided I wanted to make it a little easier so I would be successful. My hike began at 5:00 a.m. at the Adirondack Loj. It took me up the Van Hovenberg Trail to Mount Marcy by 8:30. The weather at that time was phenomenal. By 10 a.m., I made it over to Haystack Mountain. By noon, I had made it across both Basin and Saddleback. By 1:30 p.m., I was between the Gothics and Armstrong. It was kind of interesting (demoralizing?) to se... Read more »

Outreach Dinner

Outreach Dinner The Pasta's On Us, Again. That was the theme of our second annual Adirondack International Mountainfest weekend outreach dinner, held from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 12 at Lake Placid Baptist Church on Saranac Avenue in Lake Placid. The pasta dinner was free to all, courtesy of Climbing For Christ. After eating, climbers were able to go to Keene Valley in time to see the first slide show of the weekend Friday night. Read more »

A new chapter in Tanzania

A new chapter in Tanzania Pastor Winford Mosha of Lyasongoro Lutheran Church in Marangu reported that the team heading up the new Kilimanjaro Chapter of Climbing For Christ was able to hold its first meeting on Monday, April 14. The chapter's leadership agreed to the goals set by Climbing For Christ president Gary Fallesen: Hold prayer meetings and praise celebrations before and after climbs. Members will participate in ongoing Bible study (coordinated by Pastor Mosha and Climbing For Christ staff). Prayer climb in April (coordinated by Dauson) with other prayer climbs in t... Read more »

Bible Study Begins

Bible study begins Chapter Bibles studies have begun in the U.S. (specifically Minnesota and Western New York), the Philippines, and in Tanzania. Pastor Winford Mosha met with eight other Marangu members of the Kilimanjaro Chapter on Saturday, Nov. 15 for their first Bible study. Dauson Chonjo led the study, which focused on Ephesians 6:10 (“emphasizing that they be strong and take all the armor of God,” Pastor Mosha said). The group agreed to meet every Sunday for Bible lessons and prayer. Additionally, Pastor Mosha said, “Everyone was urged to be a model in his sur... Read more »

Climb 102

CLIMB 102 Climb 102 is a two-day training session that will equip the avid and aspiring mountaineer! This training program was held at SPRING OF LIFE CAMP in ANTIPOLO Aug. 6-7. The topics discussed: PACKING LIGHT BASIC FIRST AID ORIENTEERING (MAP AND COMPASS READING) The training is open for C4C members and non-members! Non-members are only required to BRING A NEW ILOCANO OR ENGLISH BIBLE as the registration fee and 200 pesos for meals for two training days. Read more »

Destination Dalipey

Climbing For Christ Philippines will be doing an exploratory climb to the village of Dalipey in the mountains of Kibungan to meet the people there for the first time. This climb was confirmed by the Lord when we ran into two teachers from this village in September 2010. In our conversation with them, they had heard of what we had done for the village of Tacadang and asked us if it was possible for us to visit their village also. So C4C Philippines is currently forming a team that will train together to go and climb to this mountain village Feb. 7-12. We are also in the midst of gathering Bible... Read more »

Back to Badeo

Back to Badeo We invite you to help Climbing For Christ Philippines to fulfill its promise of returning to bring light and love to the people of Kibungan. Join our mission climb “Back to Badeo” Oct. 21-24 as we return to the village of Badeo to deliver Bibles, medicines, school supplies and the hope of Jesus Christ. 'Give me this mountain' Ace was invited to speak Sunday, July 31 at Place of Hope church. Read more »

Bible Study

Bible Study C4C Philippines meet regularly for Bible Study. Every Wednesday at 8 p.m. at a McDonald's in Alabang. The cell group is important because that's what makes us grow in our relationship with the Lord, and that's what we offer the people of the mountains. Read more »

Team C4C Philippines

Team C4C Philippines One of my heart's desires was granted in December 2011 and that was to get more help in stewarding the growing ministry of Climbing For Christ in the Philippines. I would like to officially announce the assembly of the C4C Philippines Core Group: Andrea Alloro, Kz Abesamis, Jherwyn Delavin, Jael Garcia, Gutch Guttierez, Jhun Hacbang, Doc Cecil Mendoza, and me. This is a mixture of veterans and young blood, and the group will help us make decisions, plan, pray, train, organize, and pray some more. In other words, everything. Our first meeting was held Jan. 7, 2012. It ... Read more »

Keith Schultz

Keith Schultz on the summit of Mount Rainier. Born: 1959. Residence: Redmond, Wash. Personal: Married, father of two girls. Occupation: Software Developer. How long have you climbed? 35 years. Type of climbing you do: Alpine is my favorite. I ski off. But I also climb rocks, gyms, mixed, mountains, glaciers, and vertical ice. Highlight of climbing career: There are many. Probably climbing Liberty Ridge on Rainier in two days of perfect weather is a standout. But there were also numerous first ascents in the Bitterroots of Montana that gave me great pleasure. How long have you be... Read more »

Springing Ahead to Rainier

By Keith Schultz Chapter coordinator There were just four of us on the Cascade Chapter’s trip to Icicle Canyon on Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7: my daughters (Olivia, 13, and Meredith, 11), me, and God. We were joined by a bunch of climbers at the Rockfest, sponsored by Feathered Friends in Seattle. God was there in the two chance meetings of Christians I had not seen in awhile, and in the bonding between my daughters and me. We climbed both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was top roping a 5.7 and a 5.8. Sunday we did a four-pitch climb that I actually broke into eight pitc... Read more »

Craig Beck

Thanks to Chip for serving in Pennsylvania! Craig Beck on the summit of Mount Washington, N.H. on July 11, 2008. Born: April 8, 1977. Residence: Lancaster, PA. Occupation: I’ve worked for 10 years at Sight & Sound Theatres are the Lead Animal Trainer of the smaller critters (birds, dogs, skunks, alpacas, etc.). How long have you climbed? On and off over the last seven years. Type of climbing you do: Rock gyms, day-hikes, and I’m looking forward to starting bouldering. Highlight of climbing career: The climbing wall at the Bass Pro Shop. Just kidding. From July 8-... Read more »

Bill Wos

Bill Wos, left, with Pennsylvania member Matt Kroll, right, and a friend from Colorado on the summit of Mount Lafayette in New Hampshire's Whites in January 2009. (Mount Washington is in the background.) Bill Wos volunteered to become the fourth coordinator of the Pennsylvania Chapter on Nov. 18, 2011. Here's a glimpse of Bill: Date of birth: Feb. 17, 1955. Residence: Willow Street, PA. Family: Married with one daughter and grandchildren. Occupation: Commercial Construction Estimator. How long have you climbed? 20 years. Type of climbing you do: Rock, ice and mountaineering. Highlight... Read more »

Nate Lee

Born: 1978. Residence: Ellicott City, Md. Personal: Husband and father of three. Occupation: Analyst. How long have you climbed? Off and on for 14 years. Type of climbing you do: Rock (trad, sport, indoor, outdoor, top rope), ice, hiking/backpacking, some mountaineering, also trail running. How long have you been a Christian? All my life. Type of ministry you are blessed to serve in: Family, music, sports, international missions. Favorite Scripture verse (and why): 2 Corinthians 1:3-6. Because God reminds me that when we suffer it is for a reason —... Read more »

Dan McQueen

Born: 1939. Residence: Columbia, Md. Personal: Married (42 years) with two children and five grandchildren. Occupation: Retired Information Technology Professional How long have you climbed? First climbed mountains on Appalachian Trail up to 6000-plus feet in 1990. Type of climbing you do: Mostly trekking. First large mountain was Kilimanjaro in September 1998; others Aconcagua, Rainier, Kosciuszko; trekked in Peru to over 16,000 feet, Nepal, France, Switzerland, and New Zealand. How long have you been a Christian? About 29 years Type of ministry you are blessed... Read more »

Charleton Churchill

Age: 34. Residence: Jackson, Calif. Personal (family – married/children): Wife Kelly Churchill (married August 1999); children Janae Faith, 5; Ashlyn Grace, 2, and McKinley Hope (2 months). Occupation: Youth Ministry/Worship Pastor. How long have you climbed? Hiking/backpacking all my life, glacier travel (9 years), rock climbing (high school/college training). Type of climbing you do: Mountaineering and hiking, setting goals, challenging myself to greater feats (not much rock climbing anymore, but I don’t mind going out once in a while). Climbing mountains has many purposes... Read more »
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Half Dome Hike

Half Dome hike By Charleton Churchill NorCal Chapter co-coordinator The Yosemite trip was great, and though no one signed up to join me for our inaugural chapter event, I met and hiked with several believers from a Christian group from Rippen, Calif. (located near Modesto). Fifty youth and adults were among the MANY people hiking the 16.4-mile trail on a hot Saturday, Sept. 6. My shaved baldhead got scorched even with thick layers of sun block. It all started as I was taking a quick break. I overheard some adults talking about how God's greatness is shown through His beautiful creation... Read more »
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New Hampshire

Rummy Fall Romp Todd Paris on Cold Feet (5.7) at the Hinterlands section of Rumney. Above him you can see the massive roof of Giant Man (5.12b). (Photo by Matt Shoemaker) By TODD PARIS Director of Partners In Climb We were blessed with beautiful weather for the first chapter fall foliage weekend at Rumney on Oct. 5-7. Although the turnout was small the fellowship was sweet. Late afternoon on Friday Alan Emery met me in the parking lot and we were able to get a couple of routes climbed before dark. It was just enough to get my fingertips reintroduced to the sharp Rumney schist. We h... Read more »

Vision Casting

Vision casting Gary Fallesen, president of Climbing For Christ, spoke at the chapter's 2008 kick-off meeting on Sunday, Jan. 6 at chapter coorindator Isaac Will's house. He will shared the HIStory of Climbing For Christ, reviewed 2007 mission trips, previewed the 2008 Evangelic Expeditions, shared personal God stories, and answered questions. Thirteen people ate a pasta dinner and enjoyed fellowship. Isaac showed photos and videos of past Minnesota Chapter events. At the end of the meeting, he unveiled the 2008 calendar. Read more »
Posted in: C4C Minnesota

Setting the Route and Kick-Off Dinner

Setting the Route: The chapter focused on setting routes for the climbing towers at River Valley Ranch in Maryland on May 25 and 26. Kick-Off Dinner: Chapter co-coordinator Nate Lee reports: “The Mid-Atlantic kick-off dinner has come and gone — it was great! We came, we devotioned, we pigged out on pasta and ice cream, we learned about Climbing For Christ, and spent some time getting to know each other. With 18 people showing up for our first meeting (April 27 at Columbia, Md. Presbyterian Church) and another dozen or so regretting they couldn't make it, I think we'll have some ... Read more »

Mission: Haiti Presentation

Mission: Haiti Presentation 2008 and ’09 team members Steve Quakenbush and Josh Carroll shared with more than 200 people the work God is doing through Climbing For Christ in the mountains of Haiti during Sunday, Feb. 15 worship at First United Methodist Church in Canon City, Colo. “There was lots of encouragement,” Josh said. “Lots of people interested in helping out financially, and lots of people surprised to hear about the immense need!” Haiti remains the biggest item on Climbing For Christ's budget. Anyone who can help the least of these living in the... Read more »

A home church away from home church

A home church away from home church All at welcome at Lake Placid Baptist Climbing For Christ members are welcome to use the facilities at Lake Placid Baptist Church to sleep, shower or cook a meal. The current cost is only $5 to spend a night at the church. Pastor Derek asks for 30 days notice, but this church also can be called on in the event of an emergency. Of course, you can always worship at Lake Placid Baptist on a Sunday morning or evening. Visit to learn more about the church. Pastor Derek Spain and his family in Lake Placid, where he is pastor of the Lake ... Read more »

Gathering at Camp One

Gathering at Camp One Nearly 40 people gathered for Climbing For Christ Philippines' CAMP ONE, the first annual meeting of members in that Asian country. Climbing For Christ president Gary Fallesen spoke to the group about world missions. The event was held Friday, April 20 in Makati City.  God is moving to save souls all over the world! This was the message shared by Climbing For Christ president Gary Fallesen when he spoke at “Camp One,” the inaugural C4C Philippines gathering. For the first time C4C members assembled at International Baptist Church in Makati on the... Read more »

Prayer Climb

Prayer Climb Preparing the Way On 1 May, the Marangu group met and agreed to start Bible study and prayer group. From this meeting we also decided to postpone prayer day on the mountain to 12 May. (It was originally scheduled for 5 May.) On 5 May, the Marangu C4C group plus prayer members from my church and neighboring churches joined us in a special prayer seminar to prepare the group on the mountain prayer. We had about 60 people. A friend of mine from Dar es Salaam conducted the seminar. It was nice and helpful to the group before we go for the prayer expedition. Dauson Chonjo ... Read more »

Take a Kid Climbing Day

The Dec. 20 gym climb was cancelled due to heavy snow outside. My apologies to anyone who went to Vertical World that day and did not find Climbing For Christ. We are going to try again! Join us from noon to 2 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 1 at Vertical World in Redmond for Climbing For Christ's international “Take a Kid Climbing Day.” Please e-mail me at if you plan to be there. Best regards! — Keith Schultz Read more »
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