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Mission: Haiti 2014

PRAY: Against spiritual opposition and human nature in Haiti. “I... Read more »

Mission: Haiti 2013

Date: Jan. 19-31. Length of trip: 12-14 days. Team size: 6-7 members. ... Read more »

Mission: Haiti 2011

Purpose: Short-term team being sent to continue ongoing work in all ar... Read more »

Latest News

Mission Moment: April 20, 2012

About 400 banana plants were delivered and planted this week on the hill below the church at Malasi. “The people are in joy to sow and take care of the farm with Pastor Vilcuis,” missionary Miguel reported. Read more »

Mission Moment: April 17, 2012

Missionary Miguel Rubén Guante returned to Malasi last week as we had planned during our March mission trip to Haiti. He delivered 252 coffee plants, which were purchased with a financial gift from the children at First United Methodist Church in Cañon City, CO, USA. The coffee plants were only the first part of an agricultural plan for the church at Malasi. In addition to coffee, Miguel is having 400 banana plants prepared for delivery this week. The rainy season is upon the Chaine de la Selle range and farmers are busy planting. Pastor Vilcuis of Malasi sowing coffee p... Read more »

Mission Moment: April 9, 2012

There is a great medical need in Haiti. Here's a message from Steve Quakenbush of Cañon City, CO, USA, who has served as the team doctor conducting medical clinics on the past five Evangelic Expeditions to Haiti, including Mission: Haiti 2012 last month: It was a joy, during our recent trip to Haiti, to learn that Carmen was healed! Carmen was the church member from Thoman who had an end-stage obstructive oral tumor. Thanks to friends of Climbing For Christ, Carmen had been transported to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, for a curative surgical procedure. Carmen was near death, but... Read more »

Trip Report: God is faithful

Worship in the church at Malasi on March 18. (Photo by Gary Fallesen) By Gary Fallesen Founding President, Climbing For Christ Haitian missionary Miguel Rubén Guante looks at the churches of Monte Pou Kris (Climbing For Christ in Creole) and sees a people with “little faith.” Few, he claims, are 100-percent Christian. Some are 95 percent, some 60 percent, some 15 percent. When needs overwhelm them, they do not trust completely in Christ, but turn to what their culture has provided since Haiti became a nation in 1804: voodoo. A church leader in Malasi ... Read more »

Dispatches: Thursday, March 22

U.S. team members traveled back to the States and their homes today and tonight. It began with a five-hour drive from the border to Santo Domingo, followed by flights to New York City and then to respective home airports. Haitian missionary Miguel was not as fortunate as our U.S. group. Shortly after dropping the team at the airport, “the God truck” broke down again. It was not repaired until mid-day Friday. He was able to return to his home in Jimani Friday evening. “I'm in joy between my difficulties,” Miguel said, giving praise to the Lord. We are praying for G... Read more »

Dispatches: Wednesday, March 21

We said our goodbyes and prayed for Malasi before hitting the “road” — rocky dirt roads that lead to mostly dry river beds all running downhill out of the Chaine de la Selle mountains in southeastern Haiti. The two vehicles — “the God truck” driven by Miguel and Janelle’s tap-tap — made the six-hour-plus drive to the border without incident. However, we were delayed by another tap-tap that broke down on the one-lane road leading through the mountains. The “road” down from Malasi. The start of a six-hour-plus drive. ... Read more »

Dispatches: Tuesday, March 20

Two kites flew in the sky over the church at Malasi and schoolgirls jumped rope as Eileen played with the children on a windy but sunny day. Down the hill, dozens upon dozens of people stood in a perpetual line to get in the EMT to see Dr. Steve on the final day of medical clinics. Up and over the next hill, Miguel and Joshua helped a group of women plant corn and beans. This was a mission moment in time that God planned before time began. It was a precious moment on our last full day in Malasi. People waiting in the Malasi sun to be seen by Dr. Steve on last day of medical clinic. Jordan... Read more »

Dispatches: Monday, March 19

Jordan (with Rosie, left, and Eileen) leading the children in song at Bible school. Jordan and Eileen taught Bible school, opening in song with the Mission: Haiti standard, “I Am a Friend of God,” and then putting on two puppet plays. The first was a review of last year, when the puppets Bob and Anna taught about sanitation and dental hygiene. The second was the story of King Josiah from 2 Kings 22. “He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord and walked in all the ways of his father David, not turning aside to the right or to the left,” it says in 2 Kings 22:2 of J... Read more »

Dispatches: Sunday, March 18

The church at Malasi. We worshiped for 3½ hours with about 150 brothers and sisters in Christ at the church at Malasi. The first two hours were spent in song as individuals and small groups of people lived out the words shared from Psalm 100: “Worship the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs.” I then had the privilege of introducing each member of our team, who took turns sharing encouragement (through Rosie’s translation) with the church. The Holy Spirit wove our words together as we shared a message of love and thankfulness. Joshua started our tea... Read more »

Dispatches: Saturday, March 17

Dispatches: Saturday, March 17Crowds gather outside the Eric Memorial Tent to attend another day of medical clinics. The mission house and God truck are in the background. Dr. Steve and Co. treated at least twice as many people on Day 2 of the medical clinic — probably 150 or more. They administered more vaccines, and saw scores of pregnant women and babies, a 6-year-old with pneumonia, and children with the usual skin problems. Everyone left the EMT with crackers to eat and water to drink thanks to a financial gift from an anonymous donor in Steve, Pastor Don, Eileen and Lisa's church in Canon City, CO, US... Read more »

Dispatches: Friday, March 16

“We started this work by God's power,” Miguel said at breakfast, meaning it was God alone who delivered the entire team to Malasi despite constant attacks by the enemy. With that — and lots of prayer — we began our first day of seminary conference teachings and the first day of medical clinics under the big top that is the Eric Memorial Tent. Jordan teaching about evangelism with Rosie translating at start of seminary conference. Jordan, Pastor Don and Joshua taught about evangelism and discipleship to a group of 15 pastors and leaders from six churches. ... Read more »

Dispatches: Thursday, March 15

Another day, another dart from the devil. This time it was the brakes on our Haitian friend Janelle’s tap-tap (a truck used for public transportation). With “the God truck” broken down in Thoman we moved all the people and bags into Janelle’s big vehicle and drove about four hours. The truck broke down in Foret des Pins. We were bringing vaccines for polio and diphtheria/tetanus/whooping cough. The vaccines, which were in coolers, might not be good after today. So several members from the team hiked about six miles to Malasi. The team gave 56 children vaccines. &ldq... Read more »

Dispatches: Wednesday, March 14

Approaching the Dominican border. The border crossing from the Dominican Republic into Haiti went without incident, which was an answer to prayer considering the border was closed for several days last week and there have been recent “incidents” between Dominicans and Haitians. However, the enemy was still able to hit us with another dart: the God truck broke down as we were reaching Thoman this evening. After working on it for about six hours, we determined that it could not be fixed without additional help, and are making camp inside the Monte Pou Kris (Climbing For Christ) chur... Read more »

Dispatches: Tuesday, March 13

There have been obstacles seemingly every day of late for our team. “Satan just keeps throwing darts,” Dr. Steve said as we endured today’s roadblock — trouble with Dominican customs. “Is God putting us to the test?” our Haitian missionary Miguel asked after we were reunited at the Santo Domingo airport. “No. God knows we are here to do good.” And so does the enemy. It took us longer to clear customs (5 ½ hours) than it took to fly from New York City to Santo Domingo (3 ½ hours). Customs officials went through our ... Read more »

Dispatches: Monday, March 12

Six U.S. members of the Mission: Haiti team gathered in New York City this afternoon for a focused time of spiritual training. We viewed Louie Giglio's “God's Passion for God's Glory” DVD and discussed the HIStory of Climbing For Christ and what God desires for us to do in Haiti. The consensus is that we are going to make an eternal difference, to show the love of Christ in very real ways and to teach the people about the Jesus who yearns for them to turn from the ways of previous generations. All for God's glory! We waited for the evening arrival of our last U... Read more »

Dispatches: Sunday, March 11

NASA isn’t the only one with an international space station. God has blessed Climbing For Christ with a “Space Station” of its own. This Space Station is a Base Camp dome tent made by Mountain Hardwear and provided by the Lord to do medical missions in places such as Haiti. Our Mission: Haiti team will christen the “Eric Memorial Tent” (or EMT) this week in the Chaine de la Selle mountains. “The tent sounds amazing. Praise God!” said Dr. Steve Quakenbush, who is going on his fifth Mission: Haiti to conduct medical clinics and teach. Steve, along with... Read more »

Mission Moment: Feb. 26, 2012

Eighteen pastors and church leaders attended our monthly seminary this weekend in Malasi. Missionary Miguel Rubén Guante taught a study on heaven that was prepared by Climbing For Christ spiritual coordinator Jordan Rowley. Jordan will head up a three-day seminary conference during the upcoming Mission: Haiti. Read more »

Mission Moment: Feb. 19, 2012

Special “THANKS!” to Ava, a young lady from Climbing For Christ staff member Jordan Rowley's home church in Rochester, NY, USA. Ava presented Jordan with a check for US$150, which she raised last summer at a yard sale, to help us with the work in Haiti. Read more »

Mission Moment: Feb. 11, 2012

The first 1,000 blocks have been put in place after excavation of the land upon which the church at Jimani is being built. Columns are been constructed and missionary Miguel Rubén Guante has rebar ready to finish this build. “We stopped until (the Mission: Haiti 2012 team comes) and God provides more money for the roof and to finish,” Miguel said. Read more »

Mission Moment: Feb. 6, 2012

The month of January brought a new start to a church-building project in the Haitian community living in the Dominican border town of Jimani. This is where Climbing For Christ Dominican Republic and the mission to Haiti is based; it is home to missionary Miguel Rubén Guante. The Monte Pou Kris (Climbing For Christ in Creole) church at Jimani is our fourth Haitian church. We have been blessed to have the construction funded by First United Methodist Church of Canon City, CO, USA. First United Methodist is the home church for four of the members of next month's Mission: Haiti 2012: Pas... Read more »

Mission Moment: Jan. 9, 2012

“And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors” (Matthew 6:12). Missionary Miguel Rubén Guante visited the church at Malasi and preached about forgiveness. He said there were many people attending, including some visiting from a church in Fond Verrettes. In Malasi, there were 159 adults and children worshiping the Lord in 2011. “The people were in joy for the visit and the news about the C4C mission (in March) and the (possible) water mission,” Miguel said. Climbing For Christ has applied for assistance from an international organization th... Read more »

Mission Moment: Jan. 1, 2012

The Haitian church at Jimani — the Dominican border town where our missionary Miguel Rubén Guante lives with his family and in community with hundreds of Haitians — worshiped New Year's eve to say goodbye to 2011 and “receive the New Year with singing, praising, and (giving thanks) to God.” “I hope He will help us with our purpose for the year,” Miguel said. “To me, the big purpose is to bring more people to Christ this year.” Our prayer is to lead the people out of darkness into His wonderful light — eradicating the grip Satan... Read more »

Sunday, Dec. 25

Jimani's church celebrated our Savior's birthday today with 69 people. The CHRISTmas message was “thanksgiving.” “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” — Isaiah 9:6 (NIV) “Immediately, (after) the man fall, God gave them the promise of a Savior,” missionary Miguel Rubén Guante said. “About 800 years before Christ, He gave the name and instruction over the Savior (through the prophet Isai... Read more »

Saturday, Dec. 24

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” — Isaiah 9:6 (NIV) The church at Jimani — a Dominican border town where our missionary Miguel Rubén Guante lives in a Haitian community — met for four hours of worship on CHRISTmas eve to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Read more »

Sunday, Dec. 18

Worship at the church at Thoman. The pastors' monthly seminary could not be done on Friday as missionary Miguel had planned because there were not enough pastors and church leaders in Thoman at the time. The seminary was held on Saturday instead. Miguel tested those who attended on the topics of previous seminaries this year. “There were 48 questions. We worked with three groups and each one got 45 good answers,” Miguel said. Those in the seminary then put theory into practice. “The activity to fisher a soul for Christ got four souls as a gift for Christ,” Miguel ... Read more »
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