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Mission: Haiti 2014

PRAY: Against spiritual opposition and human nature in Haiti. “I... Read more »

Mission: Haiti 2013

Date: Jan. 19-31. Length of trip: 12-14 days. Team size: 6-7 members. ... Read more »

Mission: Haiti 2011

Purpose: Short-term team being sent to continue ongoing work in all ar... Read more »

Latest News

Monday, Oct. 31

Seminary meeting in Thoman. Missionary Miguel Rubén Guante presented a teaching on hell to nine pastors and eight church leaders attending our monthly seminary Saturday in Thoman. The lesson was written by Climbing For Christ spiritual coordinator Jordan Rowley, who is based in Rochester, NY, USA. Jordan has been on two missions to Haiti, including this year’s Evangelic Expedition shortly after he joined C4C’s staff. “I think that Hell is a topic that is not taught enough in most churches,” Jordan said. “The Church needs to know what we have been save... Read more »

Wednesday, Oct. 19

Students in Malasi — many dressed in uniforms that have worn well for three years. Missionary Miguel visited Malasi, hiking about three miles from Piret to visit the Monte Pou Kris church and school. “There everything is going well,” he said. “The church, the people, and the school. Today, there were 53 children in two classes. “Something very good there is 28 children still using their uniforms (from three years ago). That show how the people give importance to the uniforms. They are in good condition.” Climbing For Christ has not had funding the p... Read more »

Friday, Oct. 14

The first week of school ended in the Monte Pou Kris schools in Gentilhomme, Malasi and Thoman. Eighty-two students were in attendance (25 in Gentilhomme, 27 in Malasi and 30 in Thoman). “The low attendance is caused by families (who) could not purchase (supplies) for the children,” missionary Miguel said. “As we had not the basics — chalk, notebooks, pencils — many children came once or twice, but the teachers only talk talk. I promised Milus (our schools' supervisor) to get some boxes of chalk for him tomorrow.” Boxes of chalk. Just those three words so... Read more »

Friday, Sept. 30

It was a “double birthday” celebration for Gilbert on Thursday. He turned 18 and it has been four years since his “resurrection” (as missionary Miguel calls it) from the death bed. Gilbert (in missionary Miguel's house) with support money he receives each month from Climbing For Christ through a generous donation by Ron and Marsha Hogan of Golden, CO, USA. Gilbert’s story is well documented on many pages on this Web site: How he fell and severely broke his leg while playing with a friend in the ravines around the mountain village of Gentilhomme. How he suffe... Read more »

Wednesday, Sept. 28

The church at Thoman celebrated the first anniversary of the Monte Pou Kris (Climbing For Christ) building on Saturday, Sept. 24 with worship, baptism, the monthly seminary, and a wedding. It was a big day full of rejoicing in Thoman. Or, as missionary Miguel said, “a long day working in God’s business.” The church at Thoman gathers to worship, above, with the church's choir singing praise and worship, below. Two new members are welcomed into Christ’s family through baptism. Twenty pastors and church leaders gathered for a study on salvation, which was prepar... Read more »

Sunday, Sept. 11

“How are you on the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Center destruction?” missionary Miguel Rubén Guante asked. “God is taking care of the powered country? Give thanks to Him for that. The C4C churches are praying for the USA today. Jimani made a special prayer.” Ninety-nine people gather in worship in the Haitian church in Dominican border town of Jimani, while Malasi reported 75 people in worship and Thoman had 68 — a total of 242 people in three of our churches. It was a very blessed day. Read more »

Tuesday, Sept. 6

Schools are re-opening in Haiti, including the Haitian school in the Dominican border town of Jimani (above). Missionary Miguel reported 26 children in school today (14 in kindergarten, eight in the first-year class, and four in second year). “We are supposed to have around 60 children,” Miguel said. “But they are not ready to come to school without our help as we did in the past.” Students are in need of supplies and uniforms (pants, skirts, shirts and shoes). Read more »

Thursday, Sept. 1

The Monte Pou Kris monthly seminary met on Wednesday in Thoman. Our missionary, Miguel Ruben Guante, taught a lesson prepared by Climbing For Christ spiritual coordinator Jordan Rowley. The teaching was on sin — original sin, the nature of sin, the effects of sin (Romans 6:23), and the defeat of sin. “The seminary was very good,” Miguel reported. “The people like a lot of the subject.” Nine pastors and 13 church leaders attended. Miguel divided the seminary into three groups to work on questions and come to an understanding of the lesson. Read more »

Sunday, July 31

There were 213 people in worship in three of the four Monte Pou Kris churches — Jimani, DR (87), Thoman (65) and Malasi (61). There was no report from Gentilhomme. Pastor Tresin was with missionary Miguel and Tresin's ill son in Jimani. Timesage Tresin has been ill for some time and is now being examined in the hospitals on the Dominican side of the border. Read more »

Saturday, July 30

Climbing For Christ's Haitian church in the Dominican border town of Jimani baptized six new members. Read more »

Thursday, July 28

July's seminary was “very exciting” with 25 pastors and church leaders attending, missionary Miguel Rubén Guante reported. “The subject (funerals) was very, very interesting for the pastors and leaders.” The teaching included “how to carry out a funeral act,” and what is to be done at the church and at the cemetery. Unfortunately, in Haiti there are many opportunities to practice this. The monthly seminary also occurred one year after Pastor Luterne of Thoman had his serious motorbike accident. “We made a prayer for him before we started the ... Read more »


Medical A complete physical exam is required of all team members. Paperwork (Medical Form and Certification of Physical Fitness AND Acknowledgement of Risk Form) must be completed and returned in a timely manner. A team first-aid kit will be carried and any special medical concerns must be made known to the trip leader. Vaccinations are recommended for: Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Typhoid Rabies You will also need malaria medicine. Check with your personal physician or local travel clinic for the proper medication. We also require medical insurance. We can help yo... Read more »

Sunday, July 17

The church at Malasi. Missionary Miguel Rubén Guante preached about forgiveness — using the story of Jesus washing feet, including those of Judas, in John 13:1-7 — at the church at Malasi, where 63 people worshiped. There were 72 worshiping in Thoman and 60 in the Dominican border town of Jimani. We did not get a report from Gentilhomme, but these numbers are similar to July 10 for the Monte Pou Kris church. “The people, the church, the farms are not well,” Miguel said, pointing out that some people have experienced cholera and there has been too much rain ... Read more »

Sunday, July 10

The church at Thoman.  “Here, everything is well in God our Savior,” Climbing For Christ's missionary to Haiti said. Miguel Rubén Guante reported from Thoman that 77 people attended church to worship the Lord. In Gentilhomme, there were 112 people worshiping; in Malasi, there were 72; and in the Dominican border town of Jimani, there were 89. So 350 came to worship in Monte Pou Kris (Climbing For Christ) churches. This was a great encouragement at a time when there is much difficulty funding the work the Lord is doing through C4C in Haiti. “I hope God ... Read more »

Through faith and patience inherit what has been promised

A touching moment: Pastor Luterne hugs missionary Miguel Rubén Guante during the dedication of the church at Thoman. Our missionary to Haiti, Miguel Rubén Guante, made his first visit to the church at Thoman in May 2007. Pastor Luterne Polissain had requested the visit one month earlier when Climbing For Christ president Gary Fallesen was in the area and he asked if C4C could build his congregation a church. At the time, they were worshipping in a community-owned building that had been shared with voodooists. We took this request under prayerful consideration, but it did no... Read more »

Saturday, June 25

The lesson for this month's seminary — held again in Thoman and attended by only 16 pastors and church leaders — was “What does it mean to become a Christian?” Missionary Miguel Rubén Guante taught about God's call to us, and how we receive it and respond to it. “Those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified,” Miguel quoted Romans 8:30(b).  Pastors working in a group on questions about God's call. Attendance was low, in part, because it is the rainy season and many farms are in need of extra help. The pastors were ... Read more »

Monday, June 6

Anika Fischer with (left to right) teacher Patricia Bertucci, Jordyn Keeley, Meaghan Trevor, and principal Martin Swenson at Seton Catholic School in Brighton, N.Y. Anika Fischer wanted to help Haiti and asked her father if he knew of anyone who was working there. Marc Fischer knew about Climbing For Christ and told his fourth-grade daughter about the work God was doing through us in Haiti. Anika and her friends, Jordyn Keeley and Meaghan Trevor, decided to raise money to help Mission: Haiti. They started the Bracelet Fun Club at their school, Seton Catholic in suburban Rochester, N.Y., USA.... Read more »

Saturday, May 28

Climbing For Christ is renewing its focus on serving the vast spiritual needs in Haiti with a greater emphasis being placed on spiritual education. This begins with our monthly seminary. This month's teaching was again on the Bible — Who wrote it and when. But as missionary Miguel Rubén Guante was preparing to deliver the teaching to our group of pastors and church leaders meeting in Thoman, we received news that the border crossing was again flooded. Bad weather threatened to cancel our training. “The lake and the road are one,” Miguel said, describing the... Read more »

Monday, May 2

We have chronicled how the Lord rescued Carmen Jesilus from the clutches of death in the mountain village of Maingrette. [See “Moments” below.] But God did not save Carmen alone. He has used this rescue of a woman with a large, hideous tumor growing out of her mouth to give life to many others. Fifteen people have joined the church at Thoman as new believers in Christ Jesus. “The new face of Carmen,” said our Haitian missionary, Miguel Rubén Guante, referring to the removal of the tumor on March 7, “(has brought) five families of Thoman to Jesus.” ... Read more »

Monday, April 25

Fertilizer purchased in Croix des Bouquex, a city near Port-au-Prince, to be delivered to farmers in Malasi. In what is an all-too-typical story on the island of Hispaniola, the businessman from whom missionary Miguel Rubén Guante used to buy fertilizer has stopped selling it. The businessman told Miguel it was too expensive so he is no longer selling it. Miguel spent several days locating another place to buy the fertilizer, which, of course, cost more. The price went up from US$15 to US$19.62 per bag. “We thank God for after we run up and down, we found a little business where ... Read more »

Resurrection Sunday

“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” — Philippians 1:21 (NIV) Missionary Miguel Rubén Guante based his Easter message for the church at Malasi (photos above and below) on that verse. He talked about Paul and how he declared he would live like Jesus. “I let them understand (that) we know they need, but over that (they need) Jesus, as Saul (who became Paul) said. We must keep our eye on Jesus.” Read more »

Tuesday, April 19

“The rainy season is giving much water,” missionary Miguel reported. “That may mean a good harvest season. We wait for God to send seeds and sufficient rain, no more than what the farmers need.” God has provided through Climbing For Christ members and friends — 10 donors in all — US$1,845.25 since our Haiti appeal was made on April 6. Only a small part of that amount was for the Seedling Bank program, which supplies seed and fertilizer to scores of farmers. We remain far short of our need of US$10,378 to cover February, March and April support. “... Read more »

Saturday, April 9

Sowing corn and preparing to plant beans on the hillsides in the mountain village of Malasi. On Thursday, missionary Miguel Rubén Guante said: “From last week Pastor Vilcuis (of the church at Malasi) is calling me for fertilizer and seeds because it is raining now.” Because of funding shortages we are scrambling to see what can be arranged. Miguel, who visited Malasi today, said US$1,500 would be needed for fertilizer and bean seeds. We were able to wire US$1,055 early in the week to pay our eight teachers' salaries for February. Miguel paid some of the teachers on W... Read more »

Monday, March 28

Missionary Miguel Rubén Guante's brother, Allert, died on Monday, March 21 after having been ill for the past two years. On Sunday, March 27, Miguel buried his brother in Haiti. Climbing For Christ offered prayers and sympathy to Miguel and his family, and provided US$1,000 for the funeral. When asked today how he and his family were doing, Miguel said: “We are well because all of them are in Jesus, so they knew that God is and God will. But we are in transition here. We may turn our happy into sad when we lose some friend or families, but in our heart it is true that ... Read more »

Tuesday, March 22

Carmen at the Dominican-Haiti border with her son Milus on their way home. She has returned to Thoman, healed of the terrible growth in her mouth by God.  Read more »
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