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Mission: Haiti 2014

PRAY: Against spiritual opposition and human nature in Haiti. “I... Read more »

Mission: Haiti 2013

Date: Jan. 19-31. Length of trip: 12-14 days. Team size: 6-7 members. ... Read more »

Mission: Haiti 2011

Purpose: Short-term team being sent to continue ongoing work in all ar... Read more »

Latest News

Tuesday, March 8

The doctor sent the removed part of the huge growth taken from Carmen's mouth for a biopsie. That will take about four days, according to missionary Miguel Ruben Guante. “The doctors told me they may send her home next week,” Miguel said. “She is despairing to go home to show the people what God may do. She wants to eat and eat, but the doctor don't want she eat too much.   “Our hope now is waiting to see if God want to change the bad cancer for good as He did with Naaman's leprosy in 2 Kings 5:13-14. I hope so and I would like to get everyone to belie... Read more »

Monday, March 7

The new face of Carmen, post-op.  “Praise the Lord!” missionary Miguel Rubén Guante declared before 11 a.m. “Carmen is operated on safely.” Miguel spoke with the surgeon, who told him the operation went “very well.” He said they removed “a good part” (large part) of the growth. “They hope it could be good for her,” Miguel said. That is our prayer. “Praise the Lord for Carmen,” missionary Miguel reported at 8 a.m.. “She is under surgery now.”  Read more »

Thursday, March 3

Carman is “stable” for surgery. “The surgery will be tomorrow morning,” missionary Miguel announced. This is an answer to prayer. We continue to lift the healing of Carmen. Miguel said that the pastors and church leaders attending Wednesday's monthly seminary in Thoman also prayed for Carmen. “They made a good prayer for Carmen, asking for a miracle for her because when the doctors can't, He is the solution.” Read more »

Friday, March 4

Carmen waiting for surgery. Missionary Miguel visited Carmen at the Hospital Universitario in Santo Domingo. He reports that the doctors now say her surgery will be Monday. Miguel thanked those who have been helping Carmen for us. Dr. Hector Sorrilla, the coordinator of the group that is addressing Carmen's illness, said anyone who “doesn't serve his brother and sister doesn't have any reason to live.” As Jesus said said in Matthew 25:45, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.” Read more »

Wednesday, March 2

Carmen's surgery was postponed today and is tentatively scheduled for Friday. Missionary Miguel was traveling from Tiotte, Haiti, where his family is from, to Thoman for Climbing For Christ's monthly seminary. He spoke to Carmen's son, Milus, by phone at 6 a.m. and learned of the decision made by doctors in the Santo Domingo, DR hospital. Carmen has been diagnosed diabetic and is being treated for that in preparation for surgery. Read more »

Monday, Feb. 28

Missionary Miguel needed to return to his home in the Dominican border town of Jimani to prepare for Monte Pou Kris's monthly seminary on Wednesday in Thoman. Miguel spoke by phone with Carmen's son, Milus, a Thoman church leader, who stayed at the hospital with his mother. “She is well with a very good appetite to eat,” Miguel said. Doctors at the hospital in Santo Domingo have informed us that “if the cancer is bad, they cannot make the surgery,” Miguel said. “But they will gather all the analysis and every test to find the best result to guide them t... Read more »

Sunday, Feb. 27

Surgery for Carmen is scheduled for Wednesday! “The last news about Carmen is she feel well waiting for surgery,” missionary Miguel said. The latest news on giving for the “Rescuing Carmen” fund: US$2,435. Praise Him! Read more »

Sunday, Feb. 26

Carmen resting in the hospital today. When asked how Carmen was doing today, missionary Miguel said: “She feel well and she know that (God is using us to try to help her).” We are waiting for doctors to determine when and how to operate. God is in control.  Read more »

Friday, Feb. 25

Carmen is still in the hospital, awaiting surgery. “I don't know when that will be done,” said missionary Miguel, who is also still looking for someone to care for her while she is in the hospital in Santo Domingo. Food is not provided in hospitals in Hispaniola; it must be delivered by family or friends. When God used Climbing For Christ to save Gilbert Lendor in 2007, we hired three women to help from late August to mid-October. Missionary Miguel lives six hours from Santo Domingo in the Dominican border town of Jimani. As with most things, a caretaker (or takers)... Read more »

Thursday, Feb. 24

Missionary Miguel Rubén Guante visited Carmen in the hospital in Santo Domingo, DR this afternoon and passed along our ministry thanks to the doctors who are examining her. He discussed with them what might happen in the days (and possibly weeks) ahead. “They agree that it is a long diagnosis,” Miguel said, “but they said they must cut (the growth) and analyze it.” Many Climbing For Christ members have sent their prayers for Carmen. Some have shared her photo with medical specialists that they know, many of whom agree it appears to be some sort of cancerous gr... Read more »

Wednesday, Feb. 23

Missionary Miguel reached the hospital in Santo Domingo with Carmen at 6:30 p.m. “She is under care now,” he said 10 minutes later. “Many doctors taking care of Carmen,” Miguel wrote in an e-mail with this photo at 6:45 p.m. “They are testing to put her under surgery,” Miguel reported at 7 p.m. “Many questions, many tests. Now they will make an analysis. They are thinking it maybe a bad cancer.” At 10 p.m., Miguel reported: “She will be here for some days under test and analysis.” Support will be needed to pay for hospital... Read more »

Monday, Feb. 21

From the Mission: Haiti 2011 Dispatches (Wednesday, Feb. 2): We stopped in Thoman to have Dr. Steve look at the mother of one of our church leaders there. She has a hideous tumor growing out of her mouth. In 1½ months it has grown to the size of a grapefruit. She is unable to eat, although she said there is no pain. Steve said he’d never seen anything like it. We immediately began making plans to get her to a hospital in Santo Domingo where, prayerfully, it can be removed. Please lift this in prayer to our Great Physician. Arrangements were finalized on Thursday, Feb. 16 for mi... Read more »

Friday, Feb. 11

The view toward Gentilhomme, Haiti from Miguel’s Dominican border town home in Jimani at sunset on Thursday.   A full day of travel — 18 to 22 hours — driving from Jimani to Santo Domingo and flying back to the States marks an end to the short-term part of Mission: Haiti 2011. The work in Haiti goes on 24/7 through our missionary Miguel, the four Monte Pou Kris churches, and the eight teachers we support in those villages. Please join us in keeping them in prayer. We have been blessed to have been brought together by God, Who prepared the days and the ways w... Read more »

Thursday, Feb 10.

Miguel, Jordan and I met and, with Rosie’s translation help, we reviewed this trip and discussed future plans for the mission. A high priority is to finish building the church at Jimani with the support of Steve, Eileen and Lisa’s church in Canon City, Colo. Miguel will continue to address the spiritual needs with a visit to a different Monte Pou Kris church (in Gentilhomme, Malasi, Thoman and Jimani) every weekend, and through the monthly seminary. There continues to be a need for financial support for this ministry as our monthly budget for the work here is about US$3,000, exclu... Read more »

Wednesday, Feb. 9

Steve teaching midwives from Malasi and Gentilhomme.   Steve met with five midwives from Malasi and Gentilhomme to learn how they deliver children and what types of complications they experience, and then offered some tools and suggestions to assist future child births. For instance, here they would tie the umbilical cord and burn the end. Steve provided 100 clips as an alternative. He also gave bulb syringes to suck the mucus from a newborn’s nose and mouth, an alternative to the midwife using his or her mouth. This type of education and having been able to identity a person fro... Read more »

Tuesday, Feb. 8

Sometimes the moment is too much: a father sitting outside the Climbing For Christ mission house holding his little girl, crippled (unnecessarily) by polio. Never mind that a vaccine could have avoided this. The man did not know; he came from another village to Malasi to see a doctor from the States. Maybe the Americans would have some medicine to help. We might as well have been empty-handed. We could only pray. Jordan anointed the child and we asked the Great Physician for healing. Only He can do such a thing. Dr. Steve and team seeing a crippled girl with her father. It was a tearful r... Read more »

Monday, Feb. 7

The Monte Pou Kris health clinic and puppet show began anew in Malasi, while a few of us road-tripped to other villages that have asked Climbing For Christ for assistance. Steve and his team, headed up by Lisa and Malasi’s own Clanice, again saw more than 100 patients. The worst of these was a young girl born with water on the brain and, as a result, developmentally disabled. They also treated a family with a horrible skin condition; clearing out the mission house and washing the heads and skin of each family member.   Another dose of puppet education on hygiene was also offered ... Read more »

Sunday, Feb. 6

It was a typical Monte Pou Kris church service in Malasi with an overflow crowd of 277 people worshiping with us for five hours. Worship included communion (the first time for 17 believers baptized on Saturday), three weddings, and a baby dedication.  The baptized were among a full house of God.  The church at Malasi in worship. Jordan, Miguel and I were blessed to deliver God's message to the church. Jordan and I did so through translation provided by Rosie. After I introduced the mission team to the congregation, I told them we were excited to worship with them again. As pa... Read more »

Sunday, Feb, 5

Janelle's "tap-tap" carrying members of the Malasi church (and Justin and Steve) from a baptism along the riverbed in Soliette. Miguel and I looked at the water-purifying system Climbing For Christ installed last year at the church at Gentilhomme. Pastor Tresin told us it is used by “many people” every Wednesday. But Miguel cautioned, “It is one thing to say ‘many people use it’ and another thing for many people to use it.” As we are continuing to educate the people in the mountains about the importance of drinking and using clean water, and are moving ahea... Read more »

Friday, Feb. 4

Justin, Eileen and Rosie with their puppet friends Bob and Anna visiting Gentilhomme school. Another puppet show and a mini-Vacation Bible School broke out at the Gentilhomme school, while in the adjoining mission house our medical team spent nearly 12 hours seeing scores of patients. After Jordan led 60 schoolchildren in song on our backpacker guitar, he taught about prayer and how important it is for us to talk to God. Eileen, Justin and Rosie then reprised their four-part puppet teaching from Thursday. Eileen gave the students a craft project — the children made crosses out of ... Read more »

Thursday, Feb. 3

Eileen and Justin put on a puppet show they’d rehearsed in the States with the help of Rosie's Creole translation. It’s been dubbed, “The Muppets Go to Haiti.” Two hand puppets — named Anna and Bob — helped teach the children and many adults in Gentilhomme about the importance of brushing their teeth and using clean water, the danger of inhaling smoke indoors (from fires used to cook), and that they shouldn’t play where they pee. The latter might be the next step in the process, begun in 2007 and 2008, of educating the people about sanitation... Read more »

Wednesday, Feb. 2

Crossing border into Haiti. Our day was delayed by the enemy, who got a foothold in a family member of our Haitian missionary Miguel. This spiritual attack threatened to postpone our travel across the border and wreck havoc on the plans God has for this mission. But God is in control and we were only put a few hours behind schedule, not a day — or worse. Because of threatened, election-related violence in politically unstable Haiti, the border crossing was a gridlock. But God saw us clear of any hassles with customs officials and Haitian police manning roadblocks on the highway. W... Read more »

Tuesday, Feb. 1

There was an evening worship in the Monte Pou Kris church at Jimani to welcome us back. After listening to numerous praise songs, Jordan and I were given an opportunity to share. I used Philippians 1:6 and blessed the 80 school children, the three teachers that C4C supports, Gilbert Lindor (whom God used us to rescue several years ago), the pastor and church leaders, and finally the whole church of more than 100 adults with the words: “He who has begun a good work in you will bring it to completion in the day of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Jordan encouraged the church with the words o... Read more »

Monday, Jan. 31

For the Western USA team members it was a full day of travel — flying out of Denver, Colo. shortly after midnight, meeting Jordan and me in New York City early this morning, flying to Santo Domingo, and then making the tedious six-hour drive to the Dominican frontier town of Jimani. We arrived in Jimani around 11 p.m. local time. The trip was not without incident. One of our 11 duffel bags was suspiciously missing when the flights ended and then Dominican customs officials decided to inspect all of the medical supplies (as team members prayed). They seized a handful of bottles of vi... Read more »

Sunday, Jan. 30

Dr. Steve serving the Lord on Mission: Haiti 2008. “I know that God had His hand on choosing the participants for this upcoming trip,” Steve Quakenbush was saying recently. “May every moment be spent being His hands and feet so that all the glory will go to our awesome Savior, Jesus Christ.   “What a joy it is to be able to serve the 'least of these!'” Dr. Steve, our resident Mission: Haiti team physician, will be heading for the Chaine de la Selle hills for the fourth time in a little more than three years. He'll be rejoined by five other veterans of Mis... Read more »
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