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Mission: Philippines 2020

A new thing A new chapter in the Philippines. God is doing a new t... Read more »

Mission: Philippines 2016

Climbing For Christ’s connection to the Philippines began in 200... Read more »

Mission: Philippines 2014

PRAY: For strong and faithful churches to grow in Kankanaey areas... Read more »
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Latest News

Mission Moment: Philippines

Relentless By Ace Concordia Climbing For Christ Philippines coordinator Massive flooding caused by merciless torrential rains, a billion-peso government corruption expose under investigation, and Muslim rebels holding more than 100 hostages in one of the southern islands are among the headlines in the Philippines. These are challenging times. But Filipinos are resilient. Despite our resiliency and our ability to jest at calamities, there is much need for encouragement and hope. Where does one find it amidst the seemingly unrelenting trials being thrown our way? What keeps our country from ... Read more »

Philippines: Life and death

Trip Report: Tacadang/Les-eng Traverse Life and death By Ace Concordia C4C Philippines coordinator “So I guess we have no choice then,” said Michael Wall, a member of this year’s Tacadang mission team. I had just informed him that the river we were on might be the last water source on the trail to our pick-up point in the province of La Union. It was our final day of hiking after a successful four-day ministry to the villages of Tacadang and Les-eng. During this last leg of the journey many members of the team composed of five Americans and nine Filipino climbers had no ... Read more »

DISPATCHES: Philippines (June 2013)

Tuesday, June 11 (3 p.m. local time) The team is approaching the final village of Licungan after a successful mission day in Les-eng. The team will rest and prepare for the final climb to Santol la Union to conclude the mission. The team met someone in Les-eng that was another divine appointment; learn more about it in the post-mission climb report. Please continue to pray for the team for a safe journey home. Monday, June 10 (6 a.m. local time) Mission day in Tacadang once more was a blessed success. To God be the glory! It is always difficult to try to summarize the events of mission day... Read more »

"Tacadang Traverse" Prayer Calendar

Mission: Philippines 2013 Tacadang Traverse got underway this week.  Please download the prayer calendar (below) and pray for our team. Read more »

Philippines: Your brother's keeper

Mission: Philippines 2013 (March Trip Report) Your brother’s keeper By Ace Concordia C4C Philippines coordinator I remember one time last year when I opened my Facebook page and received a notice that it was my brother Chris’s birthday. I got so busy that I almost missed greeting him. Chris is my only sibling; we both have our own families now and don’t get to see each other often. We grew up loving the same things – from comic books to mountain bikes to hiking. I miss when we could just spend the whole day riding our bikes, talking about anything and everything. Th... Read more »

DISPATCHES: Philippines (March 2013)

  Monday, March 11 (12:16 p.m. local time) The mission to Dalipey has been successfully accomplished. Praise God! The first delivery of the Kankaney Bibles has been made in Kibungan. The team is all well and halfway down the mountain on their way back to Poblacion. There are many amazing stories to tell so look forward to the mission report! - Ace Concordia, C4C Philippines coordinator Monday, March 11 (7:55 a.m.) The team is heading back to Poblacion after a very fruitful ministry day yesterday. Let us pray for strength, safety on their trek back, and also for Rory who has started... Read more »

Mission Moment: Philippines - The bridge

Be the bridge to the mountain people of the Philippines Update: The first 10 Kankanaey Bibles have been received (see photos at bottom of story) By Ace Concordia Climbing For Christ Philippines coordinator When we trek the trails of the mountains of Kibungan we pass by many hanging bridges. Some are small and go over small streams and canals. There are also some that are long and high like the Bacayawan foot bridge over the Amburayan River, which is 400 feet long and 200 feet in height. Roads and bridges are a sign that progress is coming to a community. But there are no... Read more »

DISPATCHES: Philippines (Nov. 2012)

Monday, Nov. 19 "The team has arrived in La Union. Praise God for the success of the mission!" - Ace Concordia (2004 hours) "Praise God. Nine-hour traverse and we're at our jump off point to Ligway, La Union, our last stop. Successful mission climb." - Kz Abesamis (1556 hours) "The team leaves at 6 a.m. today headed for home with the joy of serving God and stories of His great deeds!" - Ace Concordia (0434 hours) Sunday, Nov. 18 "To God be the glory for a successful mission day! The medical team was able to see 38 patients. Each patient was prayed for by a C4C prayer team. Many childre... Read more »

DISPATCH: Philippines (Monday, Nov. 19)

"The team has arrived in La Union. Praise God for the success of the mission!" - Ace Concordia (2004 hours) "Praise God. Nine-hour traverse and we're at our jump off point to Ligway, La Union, our last stop. Successful mission climb." - Kz Abesamis (1556 hours) "The team leaves at 6 a.m. today headed for home with the joy of serving God and stories of His great deeds!" - Ace Concordia (0434 hours) Read more »

DISPATCH: Philippines (Sunday, Nov. 18)

"To God be the glory for a successful mission day! The medical team was able to see 38 patients. Each patient was prayed for by a C4C prayer team. Many children participated in the children's ministry games, songs and story telling. The Kankanaey Bible survey was attended by four leaders of different churches in Badeo. The team has just finished sharing about what God has done today and are resting for tomorrow's climb to exit via La Union. Praise God for today's victory!" - Ace Concordia (2245 hours) "The team is breaking for lunch after a successful ecumenical service attended by more than... Read more »

DISPATCH: Philippines (Saturday, Nov. 17)

“The first mission team arrived at 3:20 p.m. and the second team composed of Doc Joja and Kz arrived at 4:30 p.m. completing the eight-person team for tomorrow's mission day! Praise God for their safety, please pray for the team as they minister to the people of Badeo!” – Ace Concordia (1641 hours) “The team leaves today for the jump off polis junction at 5am to start the trek to Badeo.” – Ace Concordia (0415 hours) "Doc Joja and me arrived 4am in Baguio and are now with Kolbel on their way to Kibungan. We'll try to catch up with the team who is 3 hours ah... Read more »

DISPATCH: Philippines (Friday, Nov. 16)

“The team arrived in Kibungan at 10 a.m. They were visited by the teachers of the villages of Badeo and Mogcao, who were in Poblacion for a youth sports fest. The team took the opportunity to conduct their survey regarding the Kankanaey Bible. They all acknowledged that they have no Kankanaey Bibles, only Ilocano and English. They all expressed their desire to have one to better understand God's Word and to teach the current generation of children the mother tongue of the Kankanaey. The teachers also received gifts from C4C members and food for the school Christmas party. The team is get... Read more »

Mission Moment: Philippines (Oct. 22, 2012)

Ace Concordia, C4C Philippines coordinator, reported on a meeting with Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) on Friday, Oct. 12: "We were joined by Doc Jo Cordero for this meeting. We were met by one of their Academic Publications Coordinators, Sue McQuay, and her Filipino counterpart Mila. They were very accommodating and the meeting started with us giving a testimony about the ministry of Climbing For Christ worldwide and how C4C started in the Philippines. After that they brought out from their library the only Kankanaey Bible they had left in their archive. "I am not joking when I say my... Read more »


On June 27, 2007, Adreian “Ace” Concordia of Las Pinas City joined Climbing For Christ. “In my country, the Philippines, it's very rare I get to climb with fellow Christians,” he wrote in an introductory e-mail. “How I wish there was an organization like yours here.” Climbing For Christ president Gary Fallesen replied: “You said you wished there was an organization like ours in the Philippines. Well, there is. You are a member of Climbing For Christ living there, so you can start to grow this ministry there. (We have one other Philippine member from M... Read more »

The Healer

Dr. Jo, right, with a patient in Tacadang. “So how are you today?” asks a smiling Dr. Jo Cordero as he ministers to patients during the July mission climb to the village of Tacadang in the mountains of Kibungan. It is the third mission climb for Jo as a member of C4C. He is no stranger to medical missions because he has taken part in many of them in his medical career. But during a personal conversation with Jo before the mission climb to Tacadang he shared with me how the Lord has changed his heart regarding what true healing is all about. Jo graduated from his medical cours... Read more »

Destination Dalipey: Mountains on Fire

C4C members trekking toward Dalipey. As I was sharing my testimony on ministry day in Dalipey, I used the story of the Bridge Master. When I got to the part where I talked about a train, the people there gave me a curious stare. Then I realized it was because many of them didn’t know what a train was. It’s often easy to forget that those who live in this remote mountain village in North Luzon, Philippines have a different view of the world. They are not aware of so many things that we take for granted. Life in Dalipey is as simple as it gets: people turn to farming and liv... Read more »

Mission: Philippines 2012

GO! Join us in 2012 as we prepare for four mission climbs to the remote villages of Dalipey, Bekes, Culiang, Tacadang, Les-eng, and Badeo. » Dalipey (March 2-6, 2012) Click here » Survey Climb: Bekes/Culiang (May 18-21, 2012) Click here » Tacadang and Les-eng (July 20-26, 2012) Click here » Badeo (Nov. 15-20, 2012) Estimated cost: US$75 per person in-country. This does not include airfare to/from Manila, Philippines and a financial gift to support the work of Mission: Philippines in Kibungan. E-mail to request a mission application. &n... Read more »

Tacadang Traverse

Mission: Philippines 2012 (The Tacadang Traverse) By Ace Concordia C4C Philippines coordinator Climbing For Christ will conduct its third Evangelic Expedition in the Philippines in 2012 by returning to the villages of Tacadang and Les-eng from July 20 to 26. This climb, dubbed the “Tacadang Traverse,” will be a trek across the Kibungan mountain range starting from Poblacion Kibungan and exiting via La Union province. How you can be part of this great adventure: PRAY! We ask for your support by praying for the mission team and our goal to bring Bibles, medicines and schoo... Read more »

No Invitation Required

Survey Climb: Bekes/Culiang Trip Report (Mission: Philippines 2012) By Ace Concordia C4C Philippines coordinator “We did not send you an invitation to visit us, and yet you came. You are an answer to our prayers!” Pastor Samuel Bandas said, as he delivered a message at the worship of the UCCP church in Bekes on Sunday, May 20. Pastor Samuel had served as a minister in Kibungan for many years. He suffered a stroke a few years back and was using crutches to walk. He considers it God’s miracle that he was able to recover and now can function normally again. He was vibrant ... Read more »

Thursday, May 17

The survey climb starts tonight. I'm taking a nine-person team, whose names appear below, from Metro Manila. Kolbel, who works in Kibungan and is our 10th team member, will be meeting us in San Fernando La Union. Please include us in prayer until May 22. Survey Climb team: Ace Concordia, Gutch Guttierez, Jael Garcia, Kz Abesamis, Joel Sayyap, Karl Callo, Doc Cecil Mendoza, Doc Jo Cordero, and Jherald Dion. We have a small quantity of Bibles, schools supplies, and medicines. Doc Jo will be conducting a medical survey for future medical missions. — Ace Concordia,... Read more »

Going a little farther

Mission: Philippines 2012 (Survey Climb: Bekes/Culiang) By Ace Concordia C4C Philippines coordinator “We will come and visit you soon!” This was the promise I’d made to Pastor Marcus Felipe, whom we met at a church service in Dalipey in February 2012. Pastor Marcus’s church is in Bekes, one of the outermost villages in the mountain province of Kibungan near the border of the province of La Union. Climbing For Christ Philippines members have been planning for this survey trip since last year, so from May 18 to 21 we set out to accomplish this task. It will be the... Read more »

Destination: Dalipey Trip Report

The flames were visible in the darkness from afar as the forest fire raged. Some Kankanaey natives have started clearing land for farming; it is a practice of the natives that unfortunately is slowly damaging Kibungan’s natural treasures. We were on our way back to our Base Camp in Poblacion after spending three days trekking to the village of Dalipey and ministering to its people. Kolbel Acquiapat, a Climbing For Christ member who has been our friend and guide for the last four years in Kibungan, expressed the helplessness he feels to do anything to prevent the death of the mountain fo... Read more »

Tuesday, March 6

C4C Philippines arrived safely at Poblacion of Kibungan on Monday and we are now on our way back to Baguio, and then to Manila. Praise God for the successful mission climb! – Ace Concordia (0900 hours) Read more »

Sunday, March 4

C4C started ministry day by attending the Sunday service at the United Church of Christ in the Philippines church. The team presented a short play about Joseph and was blessed by the warm welcome of their Kankanaey brethren in Christ! – Ace Concordia (1740 hours) Read more »

Sunday, March 4

It’s 5:30 p.m. and more patients are coming to see Doc Joja. We were all blessed by the community’s response to our presence here. Many young people attended our youth program. Bibles were handed out to pastors from remote churches in Kibungan. School supplies were given to the school administrators. We performed the Joseph play once more during the medical mission with many Kankanaey young and old hearing the message of God's faithfulness. Thankful to God for this successful mission climb! – Ace Concordia (1810 hours) Read more »
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