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Mission: Philippines 2020

A new thing A new chapter in the Philippines. God is doing a new t... Read more »

Mission: Philippines 2016

Climbing For Christ’s connection to the Philippines began in 200... Read more »

Mission: Philippines 2014

PRAY: For strong and faithful churches to grow in Kankanaey areas... Read more »
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Latest News

Saturday, March 3

The team has made it to the peak of Mount Tagpew and was resting for the final assault on a second peak then the long descent toward Dalipey. The team is in good spirits as the Lord has given them excellent weather! – Ace Concordia (1224 hours local time) Read more »

Saturday, March 3

Nearing Dalipey, the team was welcomed on the trail by Caroline Alacdis, whose happiness cannot be contained at the return of C4C. Caroline is the young woman we are prayerfully considering sending to Bible college in Manila. She desires to be a missionary. The last members of the team arrived safely in Dalipey at 1845 hours. It was a long day of trekking and the team will get some rest and pray after dinner to prepare for tomorrow's program! To God be the glory for a great day! – Ace Concordia (1738 hours, received March 4) Read more »

Friday, March 2

The team shared about the life of Joseph during the worship and Bible study in preparation for tomorrow's climb. Everyone shared personal testimonies on how God had seen them through the darkest moments of their lives. This message of hope is what we hope to bring to the people of Dalipey. The adventure starts Saturday as the team departs at 5 a.m. to hike toward Dalipey! – Ace Concordia (2237 hours local time) Read more »

Thursday, March 1

The mission team of 12 volunteers started their journey to Dalipey tonight on a five-hour bus ride to Baguio city. They once more leave the familiar life they've lived for the challenge and opportunity to share the love of Jesus to the Kankaney people! – Ace Concordia (2313 hours local time) Read more »

Destination Dalipey: Not an Option

Mission: Philippines 2012 (Destination Dalipey) By Ace Concordia C4C Philippines coordinator Climbing For Christ Philippines became the first mountaineering team to reach the village of Dalipey in the mountains of Kibungan in Benguet province in February 2011. We made the day-long climb to Dalipey to fulfill a promise made to Teacher Leah, who we met in Poblacion in September 2010. Despite the rigorous climb we were rewarded with the smiles and hospitality of the Kankanaey people. School classes were suspended for a whole day to accommodate our program and so that we could play a... Read more »

When all is stripped away

The mission team was supposed to practice the song “God of Wonders” as a special offering to the people of Badeo during the Sunday service. But that all changed the night before the climb, when we sang “Heart of Worship” during the evening Bible study. I told the team that I felt we should sing this song since we sang it so well together, what I didn’t know was this was the beginning of another great lesson from God. More than a song: Team singing 'Heart of Worship' the first night in Badeo. (Photo by Pat Bonaobra) When all 19 climbers arrived in Badeo on Sa... Read more »

Monday, Oct. 24

DAY 4: The whole team has arrived safely in La Union. Praise be to God! — Ace Concordia (1858 hours) DAY 4: To God be all the glory for a blessed ministry day on Sunday! The team delivered a Sunday morning service of songs, a play, and a message about God's promises. The Spirit moved as tears flowed from both the locals and the team during times of singing and prayer. The team was like a well-calibrated machine even though it was pieced together for the first time. We were divided into groups of three, ministering to the sick, the children, and the local church leaders. The evening... Read more »

Sunday, Oct. 23

DAY 3: The mission team arrived safely at Badeo after a nine-hour climb on Saturday. The team met with local village officials, who were very happy about our return. They talked to us about the challenges of life in their place. I shared with them the burden of fulfilling a promise made to the people of Badeo two years ago. The team spent last night planning ministry day and praying as we have been asked to deliver the message this morning. — Ace Concordia (0547 hours) Read more »

Saturday, Oct. 22

DAY 2: The team wake-up call was 4 a.m. Last night’s Bible study was filled with blessings as all 19 climbers shared the reason why they came on “Back to Badeo.” Some had specific reasons and some were still searching in their hearts for why God had brought them here. Hopefully everyone will have an answer by the end of this mission as God has done in the past. We're getting ready to climb and maybe to have our personal encounter with God. — Ace Concordia (0415 hours) Read more »

Friday, Oct. 21

DAY 1: The mission team of 19 volunteers arrived safely before lunch time in Kibungan. Kolbel Acquiapat, the local C4C member, was not there to greet us. But he will be going to Badeo on Sunday to join up with the team. The team will be having a Bible study and prayer after dinner and practice for a “David and Goliath” drama for the Sunday worship in Badeo. The weather looks good, a blessing on our first day in Kibungan. — Ace Concordia (1543 hours) Read more »

Thursday, Oct. 20

Climbing For Christ Philippines was 4 years old on Wednesday. Happy birthday, C4C Phil! That part of our body — with 187 members — will celebrate this fourth anniversary after the “Back to Badeo” mission, which begins Friday, Oct. 21. “We’ve done seven mission climbs in the last four years and we are gunning for our eighth with all lights ‘go’ for Back to Badeo,” Philippines coordinator Ace Concordia said on Wednesday. “The project box for Badeo was an overwhelming success. Praise God! Again my problem has graduated from ‘wha... Read more »

Back to Badeo

Back to Badeo We invite you to help Climbing For Christ Philippines to fulfill its promise of returning to bring light and love to the people of Kibungan. Join our mission climb “Back to Badeo” Oct. 21-24 as we return to the village of Badeo to deliver Bibles, medicines, school supplies and the hope of Jesus Christ. Contact C4C Philippines coordinator Ace Concordia for more information about this climb. Itinerary Oct 21: 11 p.m.-4 a.m. Travel time from Manila to Baguio. 5 a.m.-10 a.m. Travel time from Baguio to Kibungan. 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Arrival at Kibungan / Rest / ... Read more »

Setting a record

Trip Report: A Light for Les-eng (Mission: Philippines 2011) By Ace Concordia C4C Philippines coordinator “That doesn’t look good.” This is what I told Chris Estacio as I looked at his heavily swollen right ankle. He had twisted it while climbing to our target destination Les-eng in Kibungan Benguet province. Despite knowing he would have to walk on it to get back home, Chris had a smile on his face. “Kaya ko yan, sir” (“I can do it, sir”) was his positive response to my worried look. The C4C mission team was two days away from our exit point ... Read more »

A Light for Les-eng

Stumbling, slipping, and falling to the ground. This is usually what happens when we go night trekking. The darkness slows you down, and makes you doubt every step. If not for that amazing invention called a “Head Lamp,” I don’t think anyone would even consider climbing a mountain during the night. The obstacles that we encounter on the trail are magnified in their risk because of the darkness. It would be dangerous and reckless to attempt any climb without being able to see what’s ahead of you. It is literally like walking blindfolded into a minefield. Every step co... Read more »

Mission: Philippines 2011

Date: June 6-16. Purpose: Return trek to Tacadang, worship and fellowship with three local church leaders, conduct medical and children’s ministry, and survey neighboring villages. Cost: Estimated at US$500, excluding airfare to Manila. Costs include transportation, food and hotel accomodations in Manila, round-trip transportation to Kibungan, and food for the trek. Read more »

Country: Philippines

Location: Southeastern Asia, archipelago between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea, and east of Vietnam. Area: 300,000 square kilometers. Terrain: Mostly mountains with narrow to extensive coastal lowlands. Highest point: Mount Apo (9,692 feet/2954 meters). Population: 97,976,603. There are 190 people groups in the Philippines; 21 are counted among the “least reached” people groups of the world.Life expectancy: 71.09 years. Largest people groups: Tagalog (28.1 percent), Cebuano (13.1), Ilocano (9), Bisaya/Binisaya (7.6), ... Read more »
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