A Month on the Mountain 2021

A Month on the Mountain 2021
Elaine Fallesen

A Month on the Mountain 2021

31-day Climbing For Christ prayer guide

Throughout the Bible, very big events occur at elevation. From God imparting the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai to the hilltop of Golgotha where Jesus Christ hung on a cross, mountains play an essential role in HIStory.

The same is true with Climbing For Christ. The significance of mountains is the focus of our purpose – to go and deliver the Gospel in the mountains of the world, where other missionaries cannot or will not go. You may never physically trek with Climbing For Christ to a remote village at 14,000 feet where no pavement or plumbing exists. But you can journey alongside us on this 31-day prayer walk through the mountains where we serve and where your petitions to the Lord will impact eternity, one soul at a time. Please join us daily in prayer and reflection for these Climbing For Christ people, places, and programs.

Scroll down and open the file below for our daily prayer requests. Pray on! 


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