Field Notes

Field Notes

Haiti, Malawi, and Turkey – May-June 2021

Reporting from the field…


Climbing For Christ’s New Generation (C4CNG) is on mission to western Haiti from May 5-11. Our Kingdom worker in Turkey returns to the Mount Ararat area for a fifth follow-up to last year’s evangelic expedition from May 23 to June 4. Damson Samson leads DMD training for the Mulanje Massif Chapter guides and porters in Malawi in mid-May.

Friday, May 7

HAITI – Four members of C4CNG met in Fond Parisien and traveled another eight hours to Tiboukan in western Haiti. “It was not easy to get to Tiboukan because it was our first trip,” said New Generation leader Gilbert Lindor. “Gaston had seen in a dream that while we were traveling we lost the road. This happened just as he saw it, but by the grace of God it was possible to arrive.”

C4CNG member with a bullhorn. (Photo by Gilbert Lindor)

“Today, we were evangelizing in the village,” Gilbert reported. “We have been able to sow seeds by giving the love of Christ door to door. In some houses, they do not let us enter. In others, they run away from us when we enter. Other people hide when they see us. Many people need God, but there is an evil spirit that covers the area and prevents people from coming to Christ.

"We did everything possible for the person to hear the words of life using our portable microphone. We will continue another day of door-to-door evangelization tomorrow and we will have services every night with the people of the Christian church where we have stayed. Thank you very much for the prayers and we continue to trust Him.”


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