C4C New Generation


Gilbert Lindor, coordinator
Gaston Louis Jean, vice coordinator
Iveline Pierre, treasurer
Babera Pierre, secretary
Scott Joli Coeur, delegate
Dikenlove Asaindor, public relations manager
Moise Sanon, counselor


Climbing For Christ was registered for incorporation in the Dominican Republic on May 18, 2009. C4C was recognized as a Christian community/religious/educational organization. The hope was that such recognition would make working in the Dominican Republic easier, and halt incidents like the Jan. 14, 2009 deportation of Haitian pastors attending our monthly seminary in the border town of Jimini, where our former missionary to Haiti lived. Climbing For Christ's New Generation was legalized in Haiti in March 2019. C4CNG has taken over all work in the D.R. and Haiti.

Latest News

Dominican Republic

Gary Fallesen 0 3940
Miguel Rubén Guante, left to right, Domingo DePene, and Rev. Jesus Mosques Gonzales after meeting with Dominican authorities at the padre's Sampablo Apostor Episcopal Church in Jimani on May 27, 2009. Climbing For Christ president Gary Fallesen presented the ministry's mission to r...