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Dominican Republic

Miguel Rubén Guante, left to right, Domingo DePene, and Rev. Jesus Mosques Gonzales after meeting with Dominican authorities at the padre's Sampablo Apostor Episcopal Church in Jimani on May 27, 2009.

Climbing For Christ president Gary Fallesen presented the ministry's mission to representatives of six Dominican institutions at a meeting in the border town of Jimani on May 27, 2009. It came at the end of an emergency mission trip to Haiti [CLICK HERE for the Trip Report], and it marked the beginning of Climbing For Christ Dominican Republic.

The legalization of C4C in the Dominican Republic was intended to assist our ministry to people in the mountains of Haiti. But God's work is without boundaries. As Rev. Jesus Mosques Gonzales, the vice president of C4C DR, told the authorities: “We are helping people on the 'frontier,' where it's not Haiti or Dominican Republic, but people who need help.”

When asked if that included Dominicans, we pointed to the Climbing For Christ (Subiendo Para Cristo) church at Jimani, which mostly serves the Haitian community living in the border town but is open to everyone. Asked if Climbing For Christ had other projects planned for the Jimani area, Miguel Rubén Guante (our missionary and the president of C4C DR) said: “We have started a fire. The Holy Spirit moves like the wind and spreads that fire.” We will go where our God leads.

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