Climbing For Christ


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Send us mail:
Climbing For Christ, Inc.
P.O. Box 16290
Rochester, NY 14616-0290
Phone: (585) 957-5489

Board of Directors:

Gary Fallesen, president 
Brandy Fisher, vice president
Mary Lindsay, secretary
David Smith, treasurer
Michele Hoffman, at-large member
Kevin Kimble, at-large member
Steve Quakenbush, at-large member

Canada Board

Gary Fallesen, president
Brandy Fisher, vice president

Elaine Fallesen, secretary
Pastor Al Robinson, treasurer
Aaron Hemphill, at-large member
Louis-Olivier Petelle, at-large member
Kevin Tomalty, at-large member

The Word

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” - Psalm 23:1

Becoming a Member

Are you a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ? If you’ve turned your life over to Him, that would include any climbing you do. Join us as we seek His face in high places, and seek to share our love of Christ with the world.

If you agree with the Climbing For Christ mission, please join us on this wonderful adventure.

Membership has its privileges: There is no membership fee to join Climbing For Christ. We do encourage members to Pray, Give, and GO, supporting His ministry through regular prayer, financial giving and, if the Lord directs it, trekking with us into the mission field. Members are invited to prayerfully consider where the Lord of the harvest might want them to GO, and then contact us for a missions application and more information on trips as they become available.

As a member you will stay up to date on current news and events in the Climbing For Christ world through regular E-Newsletters, special E-Updates, and our print magazine, The Climbing Way, published three-to-four times a year "to declare His glorious deeds among the nations". You also can commit to becoming a part of our Prayer Team and join prayer warriors worldwide who lift the work of Climbing For Christ and specific requests to our Creator.

E-mail with questions about membership, benefits or donations.

Hire a Climbing For Christ Speaker

Contact Climbing For Christ about having a speaker at your event. Rates (speaking fee and travel expenses) depend on the nature of your event and organization. E-mail us at