Bible Study Begins

Gary Fallesen

Bible Study Begins

Bible study begins

Chapter Bibles studies have begun in the U.S. (specifically Minnesota and Western New York), the Philippines, and in Tanzania. Pastor Winford Mosha met with eight other Marangu members of the Kilimanjaro Chapter on Saturday, Nov. 15 for their first Bible study.

Dauson Chonjo led the study, which focused on Ephesians 6:10 (“emphasizing that they be strong and take all the armor of God,” Pastor Mosha said).

The group agreed to meet every Sunday for Bible lessons and prayer. Additionally, Pastor Mosha said, “Everyone was urged to be a model in his surrounding community or group.“

The chapter also set a goal: “When a guide from the Kilimanjaro Chapter gets work to take tourists to Kili, they should take at least one porter from the Climbing For Christ membership.“ In other words, they should go out in pairs just as Jesus sent out His disciples in the Book of Luke.

The Lord chose 72 other disciples to go ahead to all the places He planned to visit (Luke 10:1). Climbing For Christ has 74 members in the Kilimanjaro Chapter.


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