Mission: Peru 2013

Gary Fallesen

Mission: Peru 2013

Date: July 8-21. Length of trip: 14 days. Team size: 4-6 members.

Purpose: Trekking village to village in the Cordillera Blanca range to continue the delivery of the Good News of Jesus Christ. This expedition will pick up where the short-term teams from the last two years have left off and Peruvian missionary Jaime Servat has been ministering. This mission will include evangelism, discipleship, worship, and sharing of the Jesus film among God’s most magnificent creations – the Peruvian Andes.

Cost: Estimated at US$2,900, including airfare to/from Peru. The estimate includes ground transport, accommodations, food, and trekking expenses.

To apply: E-mail info@climbingforchrist.org to request a mission application.


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