Mission: Philippines 2014

Gary Fallesen

Mission: Philippines 2014

PRAY: For strong and faithful churches to grow in Kankanaey areas. Nearly half (45 percent) of the Kibungan Kankanaey profess to be Christian, but most still engage in pagan practices, which are displayed in rituals during weddings, rites of passage, planting and harvest, medicine, and more. Pray for the witness of Climbing For Christ workers in the remote villages.

GIVE: To Project Living Word. A priority for Mission: Philippines is to finish the translation of and distribute Kankanaey Bibles. This version of the Bible has been out of print since 2000. One Bible costs US$12. CLICK HERE for more on Project Living Word.

GO: There will again be four Evangelic Expeditions in the Philippines – March, June, September and November. Teams will trek to the villages where C4C has been ministering since 2008, including Tacadang, Dalipey, Badeo and Les-eng. There also will be an exploratory climb to a new village. These treks are considered strenuous. Cost is less than US$100. For those GO-ing from outside the Philippines, airfare to/from Manila also will be required. The schedule:

  • March 27-April 1: Dalipey
  • June 10-17: Badeo
  • Sept. 25-30: Batangan (exploratory climb) – CANCELLED
  • December: Tacadang and Les-eng traverse – moved from November

Email info@ClimbingForChrist.org to request a mission application.

A dance for God

Feet were stomping and hands waving like a bird ready for flight. Colorful robes were draped around the dancers and the sound of wooden instruments and gongs made up the “Canao” tribal dance. This was a traditional dance performed by the Kankanaey to celebrate or to make an offering to the spirits and gods of the mountains.

This dance has been performed for many, many years by the Kankanaey people. Their zest for this tradition can be seen in the vigor of their presentations.  The Kankanaey people have a common belief in a higher power. That is why they worship through their music and dances.

CLICK HERE to read C4C Philippines coordinator Ace Concordia’s story.


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