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Prayer Climb

Prayer Climb

Preparing the Way

On 1 May, the Marangu group met and agreed to start Bible study and prayer group. From this meeting we also decided to postpone prayer day on the mountain to 12 May. (It was originally scheduled for 5 May.)

On 5 May, the Marangu C4C group plus prayer members from my church and neighboring churches joined us in a special prayer seminar to prepare the group on the mountain prayer. We had about 60 people. A friend of mine from Dar es Salaam conducted the seminar. It was nice and helpful to the group before we go for the prayer expedition.

Dauson Chonjo led a prayer expedition on Kilimanjaro on May 12. A 32-member climbing party ascended via the Marangu route to Mandara Hut and Kifunika, a hill where animists have sacrificed cows and sheep. The goal was to break down altars on the mountain, pray for those practicing this form of evil, and take back the mountain in the name of Jesus Christ. 

— Pastor Winford Mosha

Dauson Chonjo, a guide from Marangu, right, with Climbing For Christ president Gary Fallesen after the Mission: Kilimanjaro 2008 team was welcomed at Lyasongoro Lutheran Church. (Photo by Miguel Samper)

Frank Sabas, left, with Tumaini Geofrey, center, and members of the Geofrey family in Moshi. (Photo by Charlotte Crain)

Pastor Winford Mosha with a school child at Lyasongoro Lutheran Church. (Photo by Gary Fallesen

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