Setting the Route and Kick-Off Dinner

Gary Fallesen
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Setting the Route and Kick-Off Dinner

Setting the Route: The chapter focused on setting routes for the climbing towers at River Valley Ranch in Maryland on May 25 and 26.

Kick-Off Dinner: Chapter co-coordinator Nate Lee reports: “The Mid-Atlantic kick-off dinner has come and gone — it was great! We came, we devotioned, we pigged out on pasta and ice cream, we learned about Climbing For Christ, and spent some time getting to know each other. With 18 people showing up for our first meeting (April 27 at Columbia, Md. Presbyterian Church) and another dozen or so regretting they couldn't make it, I think we'll have some good times here in the Mid-Atlantics. We're excited to see where God is going to take this chapter and it's members. All present were very enthusiastic about the upcoming year — so stay tuned to where we're headed — it should be fun! Praise God for the response and that His people like to climb!”

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