Thursday, Oct. 20

Gary Fallesen

Thursday, Oct. 20

Climbing For Christ Philippines was 4 years old on Wednesday. Happy birthday, C4C Phil! That part of our body — with 187 members — will celebrate this fourth anniversary after the “Back to Badeo” mission, which begins Friday, Oct. 21.

“We’ve done seven mission climbs in the last four years and we are gunning for our eighth with all lights ‘go’ for Back to Badeo,” Philippines coordinator Ace Concordia said on Wednesday. “The project box for Badeo was an overwhelming success. Praise God! Again my problem has graduated from ‘what to bring’ to ‘how to bring.’ ”

Ace Concordia with the boxes for Badeo.

The box for Badeo was a collection of Bibles, medicines, school supplies, books for pastors, clothing, and more. C4C Philippines received donations of 26,000 pesos (about US$600), which Ace used to buy Bibles, medicine, and school supplies.

“We’ve also got the largest number of volunteers going on a mission climb in C4C Philippines HIStory,” Ace said. He has a group of more than 20 going to the mountain area of Kibungan in the province of Benguet on the northern island of Luzon.

The blessed souls on our team include Keziah Abesamis, Andre Alorro, Arlene Bolante, Patrich Bonaobra, Celso Callo, Pam Delavin, Jherald Dion, Nyles Fundano, Jael Garcia, Gutch Gutierrez, Jhun Hacbang, Princess Lagman, Joel Sayyap, and Jenny-Lyn Villota.

C4C Philippines training team did not have spirits dampened by weather.

Many of these team members have participated in previous mission climbs and all of them took part in arduous training climbs, such as the Oct. 1 outing. Ace called that event “a brutal nine-hour training climb. I asked Doc Cecil (Mendoza) to prepare a challenging training climb for C4C in preparation for the mission climb. We did it in the mountains in his backyard, Tanay. I think he went beyond ‘challenging’ with river crossings and exploring mountainsides where some routes have no trails at all. To cap it all off, it rained hard all day because of a big storm that was coming in.”

Ace and the C4C Philippines crew endured, knowing as Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 12, “if we endure, we will also reign with him.” They go now to glorify God.

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