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A Climbing For Christ member who lives in northern Nigeria, on what some would call the wrong side of the so-called “geographic boundary” between Muslims and Christians, says: “There is this misconception by many that everybody from northern Nigeria is a Muslim.” There...


Mission: Nigeria 2016

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The tribal chief of the Koma people where Climbing For Christ has ministered in northeastern Nigeria since 2011 wondered when the mission might return to the Atlantika Mountains. “I told him that by God’s grace, they will visit the Koma people in November this year,” said Pa...

Mission: Nigeria 2015

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Climbing For Christ has ministered to a primitive people living in the uninviting Koma Hills near the Cameroon border since visiting in 2011. PRAY: For Christians under attack in the Northeast, where terrorists have targeted the church in a quest to impose Islamic Sharia law. While Nigeria is 50.4 ...

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Thursday, Dec. 1

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Rochester, NY to New York City to Paris, France to Lagos, Nigeria to Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Twenty-six hours of flying. And that's the easy part. We were met at the airport by a series of bribery seeking officials and finally Chris Joseph and eight or 10 other pastors. We drove in a sort of ...

Tuesday, Nov.29

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The team prepared for Nigeria by viewing Louie Giglio's teaching “God's Passion for God's Glory” on DVD and then watching a DVD from Open Doors ministry about persecution in Nigeria. We followed that with a study on the armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18), reading Scripture about God's defe...

Monday, Nov. 28

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The team came together in Rochester, NY, USA to prepare for the journey ahead. Good news awaited as Jordan Rowley, who didn't get his visa, might yet be able to go. With the help of Climbing For Christ member Melissa Waheibi in New York City, we are applying again at Nigeria's General Consulate on T...

Sunday, Nov. 27

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Preparations for this Evangelic Expedition may not have gone exactly as we would like (one team member did not get a visa to make the trip), but God is in control. We prepare to GO in His name and to His glory, knowing we must put on the full armor of God, so that we can take a stand against the dev...

Mission: Nigeria 2011

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Date: Nov. 30-Dec. 13, 2011 Purpose: To deliver the Gospel to Koma people living unreached in the Atlantika Mountains and to explore the need for Climbing For Christ ministry in this part of the country. The Climbing For Christ team also will be teaching at conferences and celebrating the ann...

Koma Hills Survey

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Report by Pastor Chris Joseph Submitted April 12, 2011 I was fully set to embark on my trip to Koma Hills of the Atlantika Mountains in Jada local government area of Adamawa state in northern Nigeria on Wednesday, April 6, 2011. We took off from Port Harcourt (in southern Nigeria) b...

Combating terror with the cross

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A Nigerian newspaper story reporting on massacre in Jos. Jos, Nigeria used to be a peaceful place. On March 8, 2010, 416 victims of violence received a mass burial in three different graves. On another occasion, a pastor was abducted from his house by Islamic fanatics and taken to ...