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A Climbing For Christ member who lives in northern Nigeria, on what some would call the wrong side of the so-called “geographic boundary” between Muslims and Christians, says: “There is this misconception by many that everybody from northern Nigeria is a Muslim.” There...


Mission: Nigeria 2016

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The tribal chief of the Koma people where Climbing For Christ has ministered in northeastern Nigeria since 2011 wondered when the mission might return to the Atlantika Mountains. “I told him that by God’s grace, they will visit the Koma people in November this year,” said Pa...

Mission: Nigeria 2015

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Climbing For Christ has ministered to a primitive people living in the uninviting Koma Hills near the Cameroon border since visiting in 2011. PRAY: For Christians under attack in the Northeast, where terrorists have targeted the church in a quest to impose Islamic Sharia law. While Nigeria is 50.4 ...

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Sunday, Dec. 11

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"We are missing you already." This was first said before 3 1/2 hours of worship had even ended at Chris' church. There was an outpouring of love from our brothers and sisters in Christ on our last full day in Nigeria. I was blessed to be asked to preach, and shared a message on love...

Mission Moments: Nigeria (Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011)

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The birth of Brandy Brown Our team had returned to our hotel in Port Harcourt after teaching at the second conference of our Mission: Nigeria 2011 trip, when there was a knock at our door. “Pastor Brown,” said the deep voice on the other side of the locked door. We opened the door...

Friday, Dec. 9

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We kicked off this weekend's first anniversary celebration at Chris' Lives Aglow Global Outreach Centre tonight with an evening of praise and worship. I was blessed to set foot in the Wonderland Chapel, as Chris calls his church in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. This is a church that God used Climbing...

Thursday, Dec. 8

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Pastor Chris Joseph speaking at the day-long conference. We taught about effective leadership and missions at a one-day conference put on by Chris in his hometown of Gboko in Benue state. Pastor Sam Gar from the local Christian Association of Nigeria opened the meeting at Gboko Christian ...

Wednesday, Dec. 7

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We left the distinct beauty of the Koma Hills to return to the land of police checks and extortion. The chief of Tantille saw us off at daybreak. We prayed for him and for the work that has begun here and then made the three-hour drive in a compact car down the very dusty 90-mile dirt road to Yola. ...

Tuesday, Dec. 6

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Meet our new brother in Christ — Waneke. We hiked up 1,300 vertical feet in 100-degree heat that is apparently common during the dry season in the Koma Hills. We reached the village of Wagi. All of the villagers were out farming, but we found a boy to send for the village chief. Wan...

Monday, Dec. 5

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We trekked downhill from Wiwp and through several other villages in the Koma Hills with temperatures of 105F in the sun. We needed to return to Tantille after our water filter broke as we obviously need drinking water in this blistering heat. We know this is part of God's plan because the chief of T...

Sunday, Dec. 4

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We hiked for five hours into the Koma Hills searing heat that dehydrated our bodies and challenged our resolve. We were accompanied by Moses, the 18-year-old son of the chief in Tantile, and 17-year-old Lazarus on our trek to Wiwp (pronounced “weep”) where we attended a funeral for a 98-...

Saturday, Dec. 3

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We arrived safely at the Koma Hills after another 2 ½-hour drive over 90 miles on dirt roads in a very small vehicle. We now are waiting for one of the tribal leaders or a local pastor, or both, to show up so that we can be greeted into the area. Hopefully the tribal leader will do that so th...

Friday, Dec. 2

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We sped across the Christian south into northeastern Nigeria, driving for about 17 hours from Port Harcourt to Yola. This is our jump-off point for going into the bush to trek toward the remote Koma Hills people. "I feel like, if there was a speed limit we'd be going double it," Mik...