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There is religious freedom as well as equal rights and opportunities for Christians and Muslims to worship and share their faith in Tanzania. This allows room for the Holy Spirit to work. The coast, Zanzibar and many of the southern provinces are Muslim dominated. Muslim “extremists&rdq...


Mission: Kilimanjaro 2023

Discovering the Bible

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Climbing For Christ has come a long way from its birth by God in the heart of Gary Fallesen before a Kilimanjaro climb in 1998. Guides and porters do more than work on Mount Kilimanjaro now. They are disciples being taught to make disciples and plant churches in East Africa. We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Gary’s first climb and teaching Kilimanjaro Chapter members more about “Discovering the Bible.”

Mission: Kilimanjaro 2022

‘How did you get this way?’

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Climbing For Christ has been teaching guides and porters in the Kilimanjaro Chapter how to evangelize since we organized them in 2008. This has led to a disciple-making movement around Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa and the birthplace of Climbing For Christ.


Latest News

Monday, March 14

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Day 5 on the mountain saw us hike across the moonscape, that is the saddle between Mawenzi and Kibo Hut. It was about five miles and took us four hours. We reached this high camp at 15,400 feet at 1 p.m. The rest of this day is devoted to rest and waiting to head out toward the summit at midnight. ...

Sunday, March 13

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Team ascending toward Mawenzi. Day 4 on the mountain saw us ascend another 2,000 vertical feet from our third camp to Mawenzi Tarn Hut at 14,100 feet. This camp, my favorite on Kilimanjaro, is below Mawenzi- one of Kili’s three summits. There is a pond near the campsite, which has b...

Saturday, March 12

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Day 3 was short and sweet as far as trekking. We ascended only about 600 vertical feet in our four-mile hike from Second Cave to Kikelelwa at 12,100 feet. The walk took less than three hours and we beat a torrential rain storm that soaked our camp and left us in the clouds and a fog for the afternoo...

Friday, March 11

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Day 2 on the mountain saw us ascend from Simba Camp to Second Cave, a hike up 2,650 vertical feet that took about three hours. For Randy, it marked a personal high as we climbed up to 11,500 feet. It was sunny and hot with clear views behind us out over the plains of Kenya. Along the way we discusse...

Thursday, March 10

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7 p.m. local We hiked about three hours up through the Rongai Forest from the gate (or trailhead) to Simba Camp, an ascent of about 1,000 vertical feet to 8,850 feet. Our guide, Yusuf, brought 22 other assistants, cook staff and porters, which is common for our size trekking group. It was war...

Monday, March 9

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“Worship can be powerful,” Shelly told the guides and porters attending our Kilimanjaro Chapter evangelism training at Pastor Winford Mosha's Lutheran church in Marangu. She pointed to 2 Chronicles 20 and the story of how King Jehoshaphat “appointed men to sing to the Lord and to p...

Tuesday, March 8

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We landed safely and without incident this evening at Kilimanjaro International Airport, located between Arusha and Moshi, Tanzania. Dear friend Yusuf, who again will be our guide on the mountain, was waiting for us and accompanied us on our 45-minute ride to the hotel in Moshi. Our arrival capped a...

Monday, March 7

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The team is all together — all six of us! — and on a plane from New York City to Amsterdam. After that (on Tuesday), a flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport. We'll check back in on Tuesday. See you then.

Sunday, March 6

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Michael starts this Evangelic Expedition in motion today, traveling from his home in Fargo, N.D. to New York City. The rest of the team will meet him there on Monday. Everyone is excited about the trip ahead. It has been months in the making. Of course, God had this day waiting before time began. ...

Mission: Kilimanjaro 2011

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Dates: March 7-23, 2011 Purpose: To continue working with Kilimanjaro Chapter members. Climb Kilimanjaro via the Rongai Route, which provides views into Kenya and offers the best campsite on the mountain (Mawenzi Tarn Hut). Visit Project 1:27 Malawi orphans and minister to children there....