400 Bibles delivered with great zeal

Gary Fallesen

400 Bibles delivered with great zeal

Mission Moment (Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012)

Rejoicing at the delivery of Bibles.

Save Pakistan returned to Mariabad, where — on Sept. 4 — the ministry delivered a limited amount of Urdu Bibles to new believers. This time, the ministry went with many Bibles.

“It was really good to see the people who were much passionate and gathered in a place to attend the Revival Meeting,” said Evangelist Haseeb, the founder of Save Pakistan. “There were around 400 souls who came together to praise God and to get their own Bibles to grow up in Christ.”

Receiving a Bible with great joy, above, during a revival meeting, below.

“We had worship together with the great zeal; everybody filled with the Holy Spirit, and raised their hands and opened their mouths to cry to Jesus Christ,” Haseeb said. “I see that there was presence of God and He was moving there. I am really thankful to God for His presence.”

Haseeb’s mother, Surryia, delivered a message for the new believers, telling them the importance of having your own Bible. The people responded, Haseeb said, promising “they would become fruitful believers and spend their lives in Christ.”

It will not be a life without challenges. At the end of Save Pakistan’s revival meeting, Haseeb said, “some Muslim people were trying to make problems for us. But, thankfully to God, He saved us.

“Please keep praying for us as we are in the field of Pakistan to win thousands of souls to the kingdom of God,” said Haseeb, who sent his thanks to Climbing For Christ for helping with this project.


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