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Mission Moments: Kilimanjaro
Gary Fallesen

Mission Moments: Kilimanjaro

God’s Word and healing prayers in Tanzania

Eliya Yona, one of Climbing For Christ’s original Kilimanjaro Chapter members, shared about Jesus healing the bleeding woman. He told a small group gathering of 80 people meeting at Mozes Kimaro’s house in Marangu how the woman’s faith stopped her chronic bleeding and saved her soul.

At this, two who were listening asked to pray for their salvation.

“There also came two (others) who witnessed God’s power in their lives,” said Damson Samson, C4C’s Kingdom worker. “This man had cancer but after we prayed at the house last December, we were able to witness this great power from above (and the man was healed). The second (person) was a lady operated on four times, but she was completely healed after the prayers last year.”

There was more sharing of God’s Word, more prayers, more repentances, more healings, more celebrations.

 Eliya Yona.

The next day, as house visits continued during Damson’s third trip of 2023 for chapter training, Eliya read from Ezekiel 37 and the story of the Valley of Dry Bones. “O dry bones, hear the Word of the Lord,” God instructed His prophet Ezekiel to say to the dead. Seven who were spiritually dead at member Godlisten Mosha’s house came to life. And later, as Damson shared, eight more repented.

This was the successful end to Damson’s latest, 15-day trip to Tanzania (occurring Sept. 18 to Oct. 2). He witnessed the conversion of 17 people.

Damson, who has been to the Mount Kilimanjaro area 33 times since 2014, was joined on this visit by his wife, Selena. Selena joined us on Mission: Malawi 2023 in August when we invited the wives of guides and porters to attend our Mulanje Massif Chapter training. Wives have been included in Mission: Kilimanjaro training for the past three years.

“This has been a long time prayer for Selena,” Damson said, adding that Climbing For Christ’s Gary and Elaine Fallesen doing mission work together has been the “good example of Aquila and Priscila.” The Fallesens have taught about husbands and wives serving together in marriage and ministry like the Apostle Paul’s friends Aquila and Priscila.

“Being the first time (for her) to fly, it was amazing,” Damson said about Selena. “She was surprised to see the work we are doing in Kilimanjaro. She felt honored to join me on this long trip.

“She confessed this is the only way we can grow the Kingdom of God (through teaching disciples to make disciples who in turn make more disciples).”

Members of our original DMD class, above, studying God’s Word as part of our Discovering the Bible teaching. Below, members of our second Kilimanjaro Chapter class. (Photos by Damson Samson)

Climbing For Christ started teaching DMD (disciples making disciples) on Mission: Kilimanjaro 2017. Damson has continued quarterly meetings of Kilimanjaro Chapter guides and porters every year except the pandemic year of 2020. This year, training occurred on Mission: Kilimanjaro 2023 (Feb. 24-March 12) and during Damson’s June and September visits. The next training will occur on Mission: Kilimanjaro 2024 in January when we take 20 guides and porters up Mount Kilimanjaro to teach and practice outreach among trekkers from around the world.

This will, prayerfully, be the realization of a God dream birthed on our inaugural Mission: Kilimanjaro 2007. We’ve been working toward this for years.


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