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Welcome to Climbing For Christ Canada!

By Brandy Everts
Climbing For Christ Canada coordinator

While serving on Mission: Nepal 2012, Climbing For Christ president Gary Fallesen preached about being “Blessed to be a Blessing.” Canada has been blessed by God in many different ways, all the way from having Founding Fathers who in 1867 made our constitution founded on Biblical principles to having a God-fearing Prime Minister governing our nation. We have been blessed with food on our tables, heat in our houses, and the list goes on and on. The question is: what are we going to do with our blessings?

Climbing For Christ Canada’s vision is to recruit members in Canada who are willing to pray for the ministry, give financially, and go on the Evangelic Expeditions to which God is calling us. We want our chapters to grow when our members gather together and go hiking to encourage one another spiritually, share in their passion for hiking, and be strengthened in one accord. In the future we envision beginning to lead our own teams and do further work in the Baffin Islands and the Arctic — to go to those in mountainous areas where other missionaries cannot or will not go. Psalm 16:9 says:“The mind of man plans his ways, but the Lord directs his steps” This is C4C Canada’s vision and we are excited to unfold the gift and discover the directions that God has in store for us!

Our current goals are to be incorporated and registered as a charity within Canada; recruit more members; grow our chapters; and have more members praying, giving, and going where God is leading them.

My heart’s cry for Climbing For Christ Canada is that in all we do we bring it to the feet of Jesus, and whether it is crowns or ashes of sacrifice, that in all things He is glorified and His name is lifted high.

Brandy Everts, a member of Climbing For Christ since May 2009, is the coordinator of Climbing For Christ Canada and an unpaid member of C4C’s international staff.


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