Mission Moments: ECUADOR

Gary Fallesen

Mission Moments: ECUADOR

Help in time of need

“I am telling you the acts that God allowed in my missionary journey, by His grace.”

This is how Brother Jaime Servat, C4C’s missionary to Peru, began his latest report from the field – which for the past several months has been Ecuador. The mission field is everywhere for God’s servants. Whether Peru or Ecuador, mountain villages or an ice cream shop, God’s children are “on mission” wherever their feet take them.

Jaime’s February mission report began with him looking for a cup of coffee. “God guided me to an ice cream shop,” he wrote. Then he felt the Lord prompting him to initiate a conversation. He asked the shopkeeper what she would ask for if God told her she could ask anything of Him. Looking back at Jaime, she replied, “Oh there are many things to ask, but if only one I would ask that my husband’s [heart] may change.” Breaking down, the woman shared that her marriage was very strained and in danger because her husband was making many accusations against her. “Please allow me to pray to our God,” Jaime said, “so He will do a miracle today and He will be changing this situation to blessing.”

The very next day Jaime returned to the shop. The woman told him that when she returned home the previous night, her husband asked for forgiveness and they were reconciled. Jaime gave all the glory to God and we rejoice for this beautiful work.

The Lord was at work in many other ways as well. Jaime shared a number of other opportunities he had to minister to and pray with many others in their time of need. One woman, after attending the funeral of a friend who had committed suicide, had a “strong, strange sensation to die” as well. She asked for help and escape from this desire. After Jaime spoke with her about her past, she asked God for His forgiveness and deliverance. After praying with her, she experienced, “deliverance in Him,” as Jaime put it.

We give thanks for these and all of the many testimonies of God’s healing hand.

The Word

“Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” – Hebrews 4:16


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