Mission Moments: UGANDA

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Mission Moments: UGANDA

Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of God's reign

Passionate prayers in western Uganda. (Photos courtesy Hope Mission International)

(Dec. 1, 2014)

The Lord’s presence was so great during three days of meetings with the people in Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains that “even the little children” were moved by the Holy Spirit to receive baptism. Pastor Rich Friday said his latest Climbing For Christ-funded crusade – held Nov. 26-28 – declared “the cloud of God’s glory filled the church. People started to fall on the ground. It’s my first time to see even little children receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And I felt the power of God in my right hand, like electricity, while I was preaching over the crusade.”

The crusade had been delayed one week by heavy rain  “seriously falling in the mountains,” Rich had reported a week earlier. This crusade was made possible by support provided by God through C4C. It was the fifth crusade C4C has sponsored in the past 18 months.

People came out of the hills, above, to hear Pastor Rich share the Word of God, below.

Pastor Rich went to Kapoko village in the mountains, where he preached three days to about 800 people who came down out of the hills to hear the Gospel. He also held a conference for about 400 brothers and sisters in Christ from churches around the area. “People were baptized at the river of that area,” Pastor Rich said. “Fifteen got baptized on the third day, but more came to Christ that evening and will be baptized soon.”

“I thank God for the great work that Climbing For Christ is doing here in Uganda especially to the lost souls and the churches of mount Rwenzori,” Pastor Rich said.

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