Project Prayer for the Hindu world, Day 14

Jordan Rowley

Project Prayer for the Hindu world, Day 14

Life-giving words of Jesus

By Jordan Rowley, spiritual coordinator, Climbing For Christ






Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018

“… You will be my witnesses…” – Acts 1:8





Heavenly Father,


We thank You for the amazing honor of being Your witnesses – and we rejoice in that privilege! However, we grieve, too – along with you – in the lack of Christian witness among the world’s billion Hindus. Entire people groups remain unreached. Hundreds of them. You know this, Lord. You know of the multiplied millions who have absolutely zero access to the message of Jesus. But God, You are able! You are able to send visions and dreams. You are able to raise up a multitude of missionaries to go and be Your witnesses among these lost peoples. You are able to multiply the number of faithful Hindu background disciples. So, with one heart, we pray that You would reach the Hindu peoples. Lord, stir up and send many witnesses to proclaim Your message of salvation among the lost.


In JESUS’ name, amen.


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