Wednesday, Feb. 9

Gary Fallesen

Wednesday, Feb. 9

Steve teaching midwives from Malasi and Gentilhomme.


Steve met with five midwives from Malasi and Gentilhomme to learn how they deliver children and what types of complications they experience, and then offered some tools and suggestions to assist future child births. For instance, here they would tie the umbilical cord and burn the end. Steve provided 100 clips as an alternative. He also gave bulb syringes to suck the mucus from a newborn’s nose and mouth, an alternative to the midwife using his or her mouth.

This type of education and having been able to identity a person from the village qualified to leave medicine with to dispense while we are away were highlights for Steve. On Monday and Tuesday, he and the medical team saw 167 adults. Considering many were women with babies and other children, we are estimating that 400-500 people were treated in Malasi alone.

Hiking across the hills between Malasi and Gwo Cheval.


After teaching and dispensing meds, we prayed with Pastor Vilicuis and the Monte Pou Kris church leaders in Malasi. Then we packed up and headed down from the mountains. Eileen said leaving the children was one of the worst parts of her day. After some border hassles and other difficulties, knowing that Satan was trying to deflate the sense of fulfilling God’s will on this mission, we huddled in Jimani. Jordan shared his daily devotional (“He will be there for us in every single challenge that life throws our way”) and each member prayed in a circle prayer.


We are back in the Dominican border town for two nights. Miguel, Jordan and I are meeting to discuss (with Rosie’s translation help) plans for 2011. We lift our remaining time together. We give Him thanks for using us to do what He has, turn to him for every challenge, and pray for wisdom and discernment for future planning.


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