Wednesday, May 18

Gary Fallesen

Wednesday, May 18

We left “Y’s” house this morning and walked 20 kilometers (about 12½ miles) to “L's.” There were a lot of people around when we were getting ready to leave so we couldn’t talk to “Y” again about making a commitment. But our “m” pulled him aside and told him we would be praying for him. He said he was encouraged that we came back and he wants to know more about Jesus.

“L” was out working when we arrived, but he came home and we had one hour with him. He had to go back out into the hills with their herd because they’ve had a lot of yaks dying on them. But the time we had with him was good. We are hoping for another visit with “L” on Thursday before we leave the Valley on Friday.

It’s hard to tell where “D” — “L’s” son and another of our friends in the Valley whom we’ve been ministering to the last three years — is spiritually. He’s been playing with his beads and spinning wheel more when he’s around us. In addition to the spiritual battle that’s going on, we found out he had a brain aneurysm. We’d taken brain scans “L” had gotten of his son back to North America last year. Doctors suspected “D” had had some sort of head trauma years ago, which was why he was partially crippled on one side and could not speak. We don’t know if there’s anything we can do medically.

Everybody on the team is doing really well. We’re all healthy. Our “m” has been great. We’re feeling so good and we’ve got so much energy. It’s great to see all God is wanting to do here right now!

Gary FallesenGary Fallesen

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