Wednesday, May 18

Gary Fallesen

Wednesday, May 18

As we hiked toward Huandoy Este’s magnificent 3,300-foot (1,000-meter) face on Tuesday, Edwin was walking ahead of me. Edwin climbed that face just like his father before him. But it wasn’t the face of the mountain I was seeing. I was seeing the face of a C4C-sponsored mountaineer.

This notion — delivered, I believe, from the throne room of God — was discussed during our C4C Peru planning meeting today. Edwin, Jaime, Jordan and I were looking at the many opportunities God has laid out before us these past eight days.

Jaime Servat, left, and Edwin Milla — C4C Peru’s newly appointed co-leaders.

Tonight, when 15 people — including seven current and three prospective members — met at the C4C Peru “home office” in Edwin's house, we introduced C4C’s new missionary to Peru (Jaime) and our sponsored climber (Edwin). They will team up to co-direct C4C Peru.

The missionary and the mountaineer; it is a partnership in climbing that was made in heaven.

Among the many things discussed in our planning meeting was a visit to a village that it is another two hours of driving and three hours of trekking past Yanama. It will be the first survey of many to remote mountain villages to find unevangelized or undiscipled people in the Cordillera Blanca.

Our goal is to index the spiritual and physical needs in these places — with Peruvian members going on the survey trips — and then come up with a game plan for serving the lost and the suffering. This will lead to Mission: Peru 2012, which will be held sometime between May and September 2012.

There are many other opportunities under prayerful consideration. We just know that God has blessed our hiking socks off on this trip.

After a two-hour C4C Peru gathering, we had a sumptuous feast — prepared by Joseph Milla, a mountain cook and Edwin’s younger brother. It was a fitting last supper as this Evangelic Expedition nears its end.

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