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Hispaniola: Haiti and the Dominican Republic

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Hispaniola is an island in the Caribbean that is shared by two countries: the Afro-Caribbean Haiti to the west and the Hispanic Dominican Republic to the east. This is where Christopher Columbus landed in 1492 — “discovering” America. When Columbus arrived, the island was in...


Mission: Haiti 2021

The work goes on

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What God started through Climbing For Christ from 2005 until 2014 has been restarted by a New Generation of workers.

Mission: Haiti 2014

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PRAY: Against spiritual opposition and human nature in Haiti. “I am fighting with two wrong habits between the Haitian churches: the voodoo and the interest in the money,” missionary Miguel Rubén Guante said. Lift the work Climbing For Christ does in the Chaine de la Selle range. ...

Latest News

Saturday, April 9

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Sowing corn and preparing to plant beans on the hillsides in the mountain village of Malasi. On Thursday, missionary Miguel Rubén Guante said: “From last week Pastor Vilcuis (of the church at Malasi) is calling me for fertilizer and seeds because it is raining now.” Because ...

Monday, March 28

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Missionary Miguel Rubén Guante's brother, Allert, died on Monday, March 21 after having been ill for the past two years. On Sunday, March 27, Miguel buried his brother in Haiti. Climbing For Christ offered prayers and sympathy to Miguel and his family, and provided US$1,000 for the funeral. ...

Tuesday, March 22

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Carmen at the Dominican-Haiti border with her son Milus on their way home. She has returned to Thoman, healed of the terrible growth in her mouth by God.

Tuesday, March 15

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After about three weeks since she arrived at the hospital, and just over one week since her surgery, missionary Miguel Ruben Guante e-mailed today to say, “The doctor just called me to tell Carmen will go home today and her cancer [is] not bad.” We praise God for this wonderful news! We...

Tuesday, March 8

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The doctor sent the removed part of the huge growth taken from Carmen's mouth for a biopsie. That will take about four days, according to missionary Miguel Ruben Guante. “The doctors told me they may send her home next week,” Miguel said. “She is despairing to go home to show the ...

Monday, March 7

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The new face of Carmen, post-op. “Praise the Lord!” missionary Miguel Rubén Guante declared before 11 a.m. “Carmen is operated on safely.” Miguel spoke with the surgeon, who told him the operation went “very well.” He said they removed “a...

Thursday, March 3

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Carman is “stable” for surgery. “The surgery will be tomorrow morning,” missionary Miguel announced. This is an answer to prayer. We continue to lift the healing of Carmen. Miguel said that the pastors and church leaders attending Wednesday's monthly seminary in Thoman also...

Friday, March 4

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Carmen waiting for surgery. Missionary Miguel visited Carmen at the Hospital Universitario in Santo Domingo. He reports that the doctors now say her surgery will be Monday. Miguel thanked those who have been helping Carmen for us. Dr. Hector Sorrilla, the coordinator of the group that is addre...

Wednesday, March 2

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Carmen's surgery was postponed today and is tentatively scheduled for Friday. Missionary Miguel was traveling from Tiotte, Haiti, where his family is from, to Thoman for Climbing For Christ's monthly seminary. He spoke to Carmen's son, Milus, by phone at 6 a.m. and learned of the decision made by d...

Wednesday, March 2

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Pastors in groups for discussion during seminary. The Monte Pou Kris (Climbing For Christ) monthly seminary was attended by 29 pastors and church leaders at the church in Thoman. The subject was the second part of how the bible was written. The first part of this teaching occurred during Missio...