Saturday, June 25

Gary Fallesen

Saturday, June 25

The lesson for this month's seminary — held again in Thoman and attended by only 16 pastors and church leaders — was “What does it mean to become a Christian?” Missionary Miguel Rubén Guante taught about God's call to us, and how we receive it and respond to it. “Those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified,” Miguel quoted Romans 8:30(b). 

Pastors working in a group on questions about God's call.

Attendance was low, in part, because it is the rainy season and many farms are in need of extra help. The pastors were not able to leave their villages.

Even before the rainy season began it was a wetter-than-normal spring. The road from the Dominican Republic into Haiti at Jimani has been flooded out for weeks. It was just cleared this past week so Miguel could cross the border to teach the seminary. Last month, he was unable to travel because of conditions and turned over the teaching to Thoman church leader Milus Jesilus (in bottom photo below).

May Seminary.


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