Monday, April 25

Gary Fallesen

Monday, April 25

Fertilizer purchased in Croix des Bouquex, a city near Port-au-Prince, to be delivered to farmers in Malasi.

In what is an all-too-typical story on the island of Hispaniola, the businessman from whom missionary Miguel Rubén Guante used to buy fertilizer has stopped selling it. The businessman told Miguel it was too expensive so he is no longer selling it. Miguel spent several days locating another place to buy the fertilizer, which, of course, cost more. The price went up from US$15 to US$19.62 per bag. “We thank God for after we run up and down, we found a little business where we could get some bags of fertilizer,” Miguel said.

Everything costs more in Haiti all the time. Except salvation, which is freely offered to the millions there who still walk in darkness as slaves to voodoo and the prince of this world.


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