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A Climbing For Christ member who lives in northern Nigeria, on what some would call the wrong side of the so-called “geographic boundary” between Muslims and Christians, says: “There is this misconception by many that everybody from northern Nigeria is a Muslim.” There...


Mission: Malawi 2023

Doing it for Jesus

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“Those who were homeless, now they have a house to call home,” Kingdom worker Damson Samson said when asked about Climbing For Christ’s impact on his home country. “Those walking naked were dressed up.”

Mission: Nepal 2023

Praying for open doors in the East

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Would you hike 40 miles to pray for someone you’ve never met? That’s what Climbing For Christ does – and will do again on our 20th expedition to Nepal.


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Mission Moments: Nigeria

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Along the fault line between Islam and Christianity The Atlantika Mountains in Nigeria’s notorious northeast. September 11 is a date that lives in infamy. But four days before – on Sept. 7, 2001 – acts of terror were committed in Nigeria that elevated the animosity betwe...

Mission Moments: NIGERIA

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Many Koma to Christ The threat of terrorism delayed C4C’s most recent foray into the Koma Hills. But the enemy could not keep the Word from reaching the Koma people living in Nigeria’s remote northeast. We wrestled successfully against the cosmic powers over this present darkne...

Mission Moments: NIGERIA

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A door opens in Nigeria “…for a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.” – 1 Corinthians 16:9 (ESV) As we shared about the threats of Boko Haram in northeastern Nigeria [see ‘I am Nigerian’] and prayed specifically f...

Mission Moments: NIGERIA

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‘I am Nigerian’ There was outrage: More than 1 million people walked the streets as a sign of solidarity against the attacks of Islamic terrorists. Forty world leaders joined the rally. The news was reported globally. “Je suis Charlie.” I am Charlie. The slogan was ad...

Mission: Nigeria 2015

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Climbing For Christ has ministered to a primitive people living in the uninviting Koma Hills near the Cameroon border since visiting in 2011. PRAY: For Christians under attack in the Northeast, where terrorists have targeted the church in a quest to impose Islamic Sharia law. While Nigeria is 50.4 ...

Mission Moments: NIGERIA

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Thousands have fled the Boko Haram attack on the city of Mubi to Yola in the northeastern state of Adamawa, where C4C ministers to Koma Hills people. C4C has been preparing to send Pastor Chris back to the Koma Hills to preach, teach and deliver gifts. “The purpose should be to convey your gre...

Mission Moments: Nigeria

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Shedding light on the horrors of Nigeria The news of the latest atrocity committed by the Nigerian terrorist organization Boko Haram reminded us of Climbing For Christ family members who have been kidnapped and forced to marry into another religion. It was heartbreakingly painful. Boko...

Mission Moments: Nigeria

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Overcoming in the Koma Hills A village in the Koma Hills in northeastern Nigeria. (Photo by Gary Fallesen) Pastor Chris Joseph arrived in Yola at 10:05 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 4. This is significant because Yola is the capital of Adamawa, one of four states in northeastern Nigeria under a state of...

Brandy Everts

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Brandy Everts on Mission: Possible 6, walking with a child in that restricted country. Nationality: Canadian. Occupation: Coordinator of Climbing for Christ Canada and greenhouse horticulturist. Missions with Climbing For Christ: Haiti 2013; Morocco 2013; Nepal 2012 (twice) and 2014; Nigeria 20...

Mission Moments: Nigeria

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Grieving the loss of Nigerian missionary’s son By Gary Fallesen Climbing For Christ president The third anniversary of the Lives Aglow church pastored by Climbing For Christ member Chris Joseph in Port Harcourt, Nigeria was celebrated Dec. 13-15. It was a wonderful success. One week late...