HIStory: Serving in Indonesia

Gary Fallesen

HIStory: Serving in Indonesia

Climbing For Christ’s first trip to Indonesia in June 2007 resulted in the ministry’s first chapter outside of North America. JEJAK (an acronym for following in the footsteps of Jesus) had more than 30 members at the time of their welcome.

“Since the first visit by Climbing For Christ, we are burning with desire to serve the souls who have not known God’s love, especially those who are in the hills, valleys and mountains,” said Budi Yuwono, a C4C member since 2007. “We are so blessed with three visits by C4C teams (in 2007, 2010 and 2012), which is very important. They give their hearts to win souls, even at a great price.

“On the occasion of the third trip, it was increasingly clear that the vision given to us through Climbing For Christ is to give our hearts to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). Indonesia is the world’s biggest Muslim country and most of the tribes have not been reached for Jesus. We are part of C4C and going for souls who have not been reached.”

C4C Indonesia has carried on the work God has prepared for them after short-term teams have left this archipelago of 17,000 islands along the equator in Southeast Asia.

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