Mission: Indonesia 2017

Gary Fallesen

Mission: Indonesia 2017

A friend of the ministry shelled out US$30,000 for the purchase of land on one of the more than 900 inhabited islands in Indonesia. This moved Climbing For Christ member Budi Yuwono one big step closer to realizing a dream of establishing a base camp for ministry to one of the 221 unreached people groups living in the world’s most populous Muslim country.

Nearly 3 in every 10 people groups in Indonesia remain unreached, which accounts for more than 6 in every 10 people. Nearly two-thirds of the population of 254 million people is considered unreached.

On the particular island where Budi took our Mission: Indonesia 2012 team and has since returned four times on his own, there are few known believers. Most among the 3 million people living on this island are Muslim, but a countless number still worship in sacred places, such as tombs of religious leaders or on the mountain. They also worship the spirits of their ancestors and spirits that live in the forest, on mountains or in rivers, according to the Joshua Project, a ministry “bringing definition to finishing the task.” Although these people live on a beautiful island, they live in poverty.

This is where the ministry base camp comes into play. Budi’s goal is to help guides and porters working on the 12,000-foot (3,650-meter) mountain. The mountain is one of Indonesia’s highest volcanoes. It’s also an active volcano.


A Climbing For Christ team will GO there in early 2017. We’ll also use the visit to fan the flames of C4C’s first international chapter, established in 2007. “JEJAK (the original name of our chapter in Indonesia) is sleeping,” Budi reported last year. “Nobody is focused on JEJAK.”

Prayerfully, a focus on the many opportunities in this overwhelmingly large mission field can be brought back to Climbing For Christ members in 2017. There are millions of people waiting to be reached. May the LORD of the harvest send “passionaries”; not just missionaries who will dutifully GO, but servants who are filled with passion and embrace the blessed call they are receiving.

PRAY for Christians in Indonesia (nearly 13 percent of the population or more than 3.2 million people) to be stirred by the Holy Spirit to reach out to Muslim neighbors all around them. In particular, lift Climbing For Christ members who, in the past, have served passionately on Java and some smaller islands.

GIVE to support the mission to Indonesia. Email info@ClimbingForChrist.org for information.

GO on Mission: Indonesia 2017 in late January. Estimated cost US$750 plus airfare. Email info@ClimbingForChrist.org to express an interest and request a mission application.

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