Mission Moments: Malawi

Gary Fallesen

Mission Moments: Malawi

Learning to avoid sin on Mulanje Massif

Mulanje Massif Chapter members. (Photos by Damson Samson)

Before diving into the New Testament and teaching about the Gospels and General Letters, Damson Samson led the guides and porters in the Mulanje Massif Chapter back to Genesis.

“We were looking at the forbidden tree, which was very admiring and tasty in the eye,” our Malawi-based missionary said. “But behind it was death. We continued to instruct everybody to keep himself away from sin.”

This was the third of five training sessions from our disciples-making-disciples study provided by The Timothy Initiative (TTI) and translated for the first time into Chichewa. The next meeting will be in April and we will conclude the study on the mountain during Mission: Malawi 2019 in early August, one year after it all began on Mulanje Massif.

John Ben, right, in small group study during our TTI training.

John Mollen, one of the chapter leaders, said “Climbing For Christ has brought a great revival to the porters and guides. A big number of these brother hardly knew about God and it was hard for them to stand and share who Christ is to others. But now many are completely changed.”

He said before the Mulanje Massif Chapter was established in 2016 “these brothers would come up the mountain with beer in their bags. But now that is the story of the past.”

John Ben can attest to that. Even his friends comment about how he has changed. He “used to behave as a fighter,” but now in his life in Christ it is a different story. He can now teach confidently about Jesus. This disciple is able to make disciples of others.


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