Mission Moments: Peru

Gary Fallesen

Mission Moments: Peru

Under His Grace

Jaime Servat, Climbing For Christ’s missionary to Peru, reports on the work being done in his home country in July 2014. Here is his edited report:

Jaime Servat, right, sharing Christ in the
village of Mascho during Mission: Peru 2014.

This is my mission report during that days which were under patience and healing to some believers, so Praise Him!

When I first arrived in Chalhua, I was received by Alisson and her grandmother, Teresa. We prayed together and I gave them some gifts.

Then I was in the church building to see the progress of the work and talk about the transportation of concrete from the factory of Sister Lidia. I was informed that in any moment the truck would go to bring the crude concrete. On Thursday, July 24, the first trip was made to bring the crude concrete to Chalhua village, so Praise Him!

The workers only worked 11 days during July, because to continue the work we would need to get the second and last crude concrete delivery to work on the second floor and finish the rest.

I visited the Evangelical Church in Huaripampa village, where Brother Ezequiel is from, and I was invited to give a message. I asked God to touch the hearts of many brothers there to work as volunteers on the Chalhua church. Two brothers will come to help because many are working as muleteers to receive a good pay and they have families. This will take place in August when the second load of crude concrete is delivered.

In the meantime, the workers have finished 3 parts of the church, so we are praying to see His finished church there soon.

Also, I was visiting Mashco village and I met new believer Eva who has her first son named Marco. They were deserted by his father, so I was praying for them. I also met his youngest sister named Sayuri, who suffering much crying and his other sister, named Leisi, who is very rebellious. Then I asked Marco if he is needed some items for school and he told me, “yes I need a lot of, please if you may help me to purchase some items I will be grateful brother Jaime.” So I answered him, “well God will supply my dear Marco, do not worry. I will try get some to you, amen!”

On another day in the same place, I was on my way to visit our loved sister Primitiva, but in the road I met a new believer named Odolin and his friend named Jhonny. After we were talking about Jesus the Lord we prayed to God because Jhonny accepted Him as his Savior and Lord. Then I gave him a New Testament. He was happy. Afterwards, I met with sister Primitiva and I prayed for her right shoulder that was with pains, so praise Him!

A couple days later, I returned to the house of sister Primitiva, but she was gone with her daughter Andrea, who was suffering a medical issue, to a hospital in Lima city. I was told this by Primitiva’s husband, Almaquio, who was also suffering because of a medical issue. I presented to him our Lord Jesus, Whom he accepted under a prayer. He told me that sister Primitiva was healed by God when I prayed her last time I saw, so Praise Him! Almaquio was also healed!

In the next days I met new believers Alina, her daughter Yanela, and her son Gian Piero. They received New Testaments with great joy. I also met a family at the end of the Mashco village. Dina and her sons David and Angela Obregon received with joy His salvation and New Testaments. It was a blessing.

Finally I knew also a lady named Teodosia and her husband Miguel. They both received the Lord Jesus in prayer and then I prayed for healing for Teodosia, who is suffering eye and body pains. I told her I would consult in Huaraz city with my friend, Dr. Yvan, who is an ophthalmologist. I had taken pictures of her eyes and Alisson’s too, because she is suffering also red eyes. I told  them that when I return to Chalhua village I will tell them what the doctor says.

On Saturday the 26, I visited Dr. Yvan who looked at the pictures and made a diagnosis. He offered to them some drops and special creams. He shared with me that Alisson could use glasses to protect her eyes as her irritation is caused by the cold, altitude and dust. He told me that Alisson and Teodosia are both welcome to come to his clinic when their drops run out, so praise Him!

The entire mission was under His grace!

“For ‘whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.’” - Romans 10:13

In His Grace Mission,



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