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“And when Jesus went out He saw a great multitude; and He was moved with compassion for them, and healed thier sick.” — Matthew 14:14

When Jesus saw the many needs of the people, He was moved with empathy. He saw a multitude of people who were hungry and hurting; who had been abused, stepped on, beaten down and oppressed. He saw people who were desperate, destitute and even dying. He saw people who were broken and lost… and the Bible tells us that He was moved with compassion. Not only was Jesus moved within His spirit, but He literally moved with compassion. He was moved into action and ministered to each need.

He calls us to move with compassionate action today. But how? The needs are so great and the needy are so many. One way that we can minister to others is through PRAYER! We can pray for those whom the Lord has placed in our path. We can pray that God would minister to their physical needs, but most importantly pray that God would provide for their spiritual needs. God is often waiting to move in a powerful way if we will simply ask.

“… For with God all things are possible.” — Mark 10:27

As followers of Christ, we know that nothing is impossible with God. After all, He alone is the Creator and Sustainer of all things (both seen and unseen). In the book of Jeremiah 32:17 God’s Word says, “Ah, Lord God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for You.” This powerful truth should greatly affect the way we think, the way we pray, and even the way we live our lives. If we truly believe that with God all things are possible, then we will see Him for the all-knowing, all-present, and all-powerful God He is! Only then will we have the vision to pray big and have the confidence to pray expectantly. We will pray for the “impossible.” We will confidently approach and ask our great God to give sight to the blind, give healing to the sick, give life to the dead and fulfill each of our needs. We will ask Him to break the chains, tear down the walls, and even move the mountains all for His name's sake and for the sake of the lost.

So please join us in prayer as we seek to lift up the brethren, the lost, and all of the work God is doing in and through Climbing For Christ all around the globe. Also, please consider sending your personal prayer needs and/or sign up for our weekly prayer updates by e-mailing

Pray for the Persecuted Church

Prayer Updates

Project Prayer: Hindu World 2019

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2019 World Watch List

‘Every part suffers’ By Gary Fallesen, founding president, Climbing For Christ 245 million Christians live in the 50 countries (colored) where it’s most dangerous to follow Jesus. (Map by Open Doors) The great missionary Paul wrote, “If one part suffers, every part suffe...

Mission: Turkey 2019 Prayer Bulletin

Stand with us in prayer for Mission: Turkey 2019 by clicking on the file link below. This Evangelic Expedition is June 21-July 6. Thank you for your precious prayers.

Project Prayer: Ramadan 2019

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Mission: Indonesia 2019 Prayer Bulletin

Stand with us in prayer for Mission: Indonesia 2019 by clicking on the file link below. This Evangelic Expedition will take place April 22-May 3. Thank you for your precious prayers.

A Month on the Mountain 2019

Our calling to go to the mountainous places of the world where others cannot or will not GO to deliver the Good News is a challenging one. Needless to say, we covet the prayers of those who are moved to stand with us. From direction and protection, to church construction projects and caring for orph...

Mission: Nepal 2019, Part One, Prayer Bulletin

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Mission: Kilimanjaro 2018 Prayer Bulletin

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Project Prayer for the Hindu world, Day 15

Life-giving words of Jesus By Jordan Rowley, spiritual coordinator, Climbing For Christ Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018 “It is finished.” – John 19:30 Great God and Savior, We lament the millions of laboring souls throughout Hinduism. Many have their afterl...