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Gary Fallesen

Mission Moments: Peru (October 2013)

God's dream for the church at Chalhua

“On Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 3 a.m., I woke up after I had a special dream so strong that I was praying for it,” said Jaime Servat, Climbing For Christ’s missionary to Peru.

“I saw a check – it was pink-colored paper – in English written to C4C an amount of US$1,500. I could not see the bank seal and name. It really was burning my heart and I said, ‘Oh, Lord, if this is Your will then do it because here we need Your offering to complete Your prayer house.’ So praise God!

“The next morning I was checking the door and window installation in His church.”

Doors and windows are delivered to the church at Chalhua, above, and then installed, below.

The construction of the church at Chalhua continued through the summer months (May-August) and into the fall. It continued thanks to the blessing of additional financial support from a Climbing For Christ member in Oklahoma City, OK, USA. The roof was finished and, in October, windows and doors were delivered and installed. Electrical work also began.

While all of this was occurring, Jaime was enduring some of life’s trials.

In August, his backpack was stolen. It contained clothing, a camera, his cell phone recharger, important paperwork, such as medical tests that had been done, and his ID. “A sister in Christ from Ecuador (where Jaime also serves) told me that God put in her heart to send me an offering of love,” Jaime said. “So three days after the robbery I could cover 70-percent (of what was lost), including some medical tests. I saw His faithfulness. So praise God!”

On Aug. 31, Jaime underwent surgery for the removal of cysts behind his right knee. These had caused him great pain before, during and after Mission: Peru 2013 in July.

When Jaime filed his monthly mission report at the end of September, he labeled that month “recovering my health and checking His church in Chalhua.” He had experienced some post-op difficulties.

In spite of this, he continued to serve and minister in the Cordillera Blanca range around Huaraz.

“On Friday, Sept. 20, I arrived in Chalhua village and was received by Allison (the young girl C4C first befriended on Mission: Peru 2011) and her family,” Jaime recalled. “We prayed to give thanks to God for us to join together again. Also Allison was passing a grip with ear pains so I was praying for her and I purchased some tablets to relieve the pain.

“I received a call from Pastor Ezequiel and he told me that he will come the Chalhua to talk about His church building. Then, in the afternoon, I got some pictures from the C4C church and I met with a new believer from Hierbabuena village, Victor and his daughter Luz Maria (who has been diagnosed as needing heart surgery), and prayed to God for healing.

“On Saturday, I hiked to Hierbabuena to visit a mountain cook who is interested to be a new believer. I was sharing His Word in the house of his parents. I also visited other family and prayed for Evelin for healing because she is suffering depression.

“Again I returned to Hierbabuena on Sunday to visit new believers and minister to them with His Word.

“On Monday, Sept. 23, Pastor Ezequiel came to talk about His church so we prayed to God for His work.”

And the work continued.

Wood was cut, above, carted and placed, below, for the floor of the church.

In October, Jaime delivered the electrical supplies needed for the next – and prayerfully final – stage of the church’s construction. Not every ounce of Jaime’s energy is expended on the church building at Chalhua. He delivered food to Allison’s family and, on Oct. 16 and 17, “I was visiting some families in Chalhua to share His Word with a special young man named David, who will come for Jesus. I promised him the gift of a New Testament when I returned to Chalhua.”

On Sunday, Oct. 21, Jaime was invited to participate in a meeting about connecting the church to the community’s water supply – at a cost of US$217.39. As the expenses like this one mounted – and the US$86 need arose for more post-op tests on our dear brother, Jaime had a dream: A financial gift on a pink-colored check. As he struggled to see it, he awoke. And then he prayed to God to make this dream come true.

Climbing For Christ provides monthly support for indigenous missionaries like Peru's Jaime Servat. God provided through C4C for Jaime's surgery. To date, US$8,933.71 has been spent on the construction of the church at Chalhua.

The Word

“I will look with favor on the faithful in the land, that they may dwell with me; he who walks in the way that is blameless shall minister to me.” – Psalm 101:6 (ESV)


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