Thursday, Dec. 8

Gary Fallesen

Thursday, Dec. 8

Pastor Chris Joseph speaking at the day-long conference.

We taught about effective leadership and missions at a one-day conference put on by Chris in his hometown of Gboko in Benue state. Pastor Sam Gar from the local Christian Association of Nigeria opened the meeting at Gboko Christian Centre saying that he believed God would speak through their three North American guests. That was our prayer as we shared about being called to go (Gary), the six Biblical principles of effective leadership (Mike), and how to raise women as frontline leaders (Brandy).

We returned to the church for an evening session, where we got to share three short personal messages during a time of prayer, praise and worship. The Gboko Christian Centre is where the church in this area began. It's also where Chris was baptized by missionaries.

The Rev. Mashika, an elder who was leading the church when 40-year-old Chris was a boy, spoke after we shared. He summed up what we had said and delivered a short missions message. He talked about missionaries coming who could not speak the language, had nowhere to sleep, and nothing to eat or drink. And he realized he — and others in the church — could and should be missionaries themselves because they have no such hindrances.

We pray the message of mission was received by many who heard.

Gary FallesenGary Fallesen

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