Friday, Dec. 2

Gary Fallesen

Friday, Dec. 2

We sped across the Christian south into northeastern Nigeria, driving for about 17 hours from Port Harcourt to Yola. This is our jump-off point for going into the bush to trek toward the remote Koma Hills people.

"I feel like, if there was a speed limit we'd be going double it," Mike commented as our hired driver careened through one village.

TIA (This Is Africa), too: crazy, long drives on roads (mostly paved) pocked with vehicle-eating potholes and littered with police checks.

"Yola is like traveling to – I don't know what to describe," said Chris, although we can think of a few places. "By the grace of God we will be there."

We have arrived – thank You, Lord – after midnight. Our travels are far from over, however. In a few short hours another day dawns.

Gary FallesenGary Fallesen

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