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The Philippines is considered the only Christian nation in Asia. But when you visit its many islands and provinces, you find there are still many Filipinos who have yet to come to know Christ. In Luzon, in the mountains of the north where tribal people still live with no electricity and farm ...


Mission: Philippines 2020

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A new thing A new chapter in the Philippines. God is doing a new thing in the Philippines. Our work there began over a decade ago with Adreian “Ace” Concordia, former Climbing For Christ Board member and Philippines chapter coordinator. From 2008 to 2016, 19 short-term missions too...

Mission: Philippines 2016

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Climbing For Christ’s connection to the Philippines began in 2007 when Ace Concordia joined the ministry. Ace soon formed the C4C Philippines chapter, which began leading missions in 2008. In seven years, 18 missions were completed and membership surpassed 300. There were no missions carried o...

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Saturday, Oct. 22

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DAY 2: The team wake-up call was 4 a.m. Last night’s Bible study was filled with blessings as all 19 climbers shared the reason why they came on “Back to Badeo.” Some had specific reasons and some were still searching in their hearts for why God had brought them here. Hopefully eve...

Friday, Oct. 21

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DAY 1: The mission team of 19 volunteers arrived safely before lunch time in Kibungan. Kolbel Acquiapat, the local C4C member, was not there to greet us. But he will be going to Badeo on Sunday to join up with the team. The team will be having a Bible study and prayer after dinner and practice for a...

Thursday, Oct. 20

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Climbing For Christ Philippines was 4 years old on Wednesday. Happy birthday, C4C Phil! That part of our body — with 187 members — will celebrate this fourth anniversary after the “Back to Badeo” mission, which begins Friday, Oct. 21. “We’ve done seven miss...

Back to Badeo

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Back to Badeo We invite you to help Climbing For Christ Philippines to fulfill its promise of returning to bring light and love to the people of Kibungan. Join our mission climb “Back to Badeo” Oct. 21-24 as we return to the village of Badeo to deliver Bibles, medicines, schoo...

Setting a record

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Trip Report: A Light for Les-eng (Mission: Philippines 2011) By Ace Concordia C4C Philippines coordinator “That doesn’t look good.” This is what I told Chris Estacio as I looked at his heavily swollen right ankle. He had twisted it while climbing to our target destinati...

A Light for Les-eng

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Stumbling, slipping, and falling to the ground. This is usually what happens when we go night trekking. The darkness slows you down, and makes you doubt every step. If not for that amazing invention called a “Head Lamp,” I don’t think anyone would even consider climbing a mountain ...

Mission: Philippines 2011

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Date: June 6-16. Purpose: Return trek to Tacadang, worship and fellowship with three local church leaders, conduct medical and children’s ministry, and survey neighboring villages. Cost: Estimated at US$500, excluding airfare to Manila. Costs include transportation, food and hote...

Country: Philippines

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Location: Southeastern Asia, archipelago between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea, and east of Vietnam. Area: 300,000 square kilometers. Terrain: Mostly mountains with narrow to extensive coastal lowlands. Highest point: Mount Apo (9,692 feet/2954 meters). Population: 97,976,603. There ar...