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The Philippines is considered the only Christian nation in Asia. But when you visit its many islands and provinces, you find there are still many Filipinos who have yet to come to know Christ. In Luzon, in the mountains of the north where tribal people still live with no electricity and farm ...


Mission: Philippines 2020

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A new thing A new chapter in the Philippines. God is doing a new thing in the Philippines. Our work there began over a decade ago with Adreian “Ace” Concordia, former Climbing For Christ Board member and Philippines chapter coordinator. From 2008 to 2016, 19 short-term missions too...

Mission: Philippines 2016

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Climbing For Christ’s connection to the Philippines began in 2007 when Ace Concordia joined the ministry. Ace soon formed the C4C Philippines chapter, which began leading missions in 2008. In seven years, 18 missions were completed and membership surpassed 300. There were no missions carried o...

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Lorenzo Angeles

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Nationality: Filipino. Occupation: Manager. Missions with C4C: Philippines 2013 (Sept.) and 2014 (March). Type of climbing you do: I usually join my friend, Gutch, whenever possible. I love running and swimming so I am mostly in shape whenever these opportunities come by. Highlight of climbin...

Rory Morales-Gutierrez

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Nationality: Filipino. Occupation: Designer/media missionary. Missions with C4C: Philippines 2012 (March & July), 2013 (March) and 2014 (March). How long have you climbed? Since November 2011. Type of climbing you do: Casual. Highlight of climbing career: Mount Apo, January 2013 (he propose...

Gutch Gutierrez

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Nationality: Filipino. Occupation: Freelance voice artist, children’s book author. Missions with C4C: Philippines 2011 (Feb., June & Oct.), 2012 (March, May, July & Nov.), 2013 (March & Sept.) and 2014 (March). How long have you climbed? Since 2008. Type of climbing you do: Trekking. ...

Alfred P. Estrella

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Nationality: Filipino. Occupation: Restaurant manager/businessman. Missions with C4C: Philippines 2014 (March). How long have you climbed? Seven years. Type of climbing you do: Minor climbs, major climbs, survival climbs, exploratory climbs, mission climbs. Highlight of climbing career: Mis...

Sarah Mellberg

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Sarah Mellberg standing on the summit of Mount Evans (14,265 feet/4,348 meters) in Colorado, USA. Nationality: American. Occupation: College student (Fort Lewis College). Missions with C4C: Philippines 2014. How long have you climbed? About 7 years. Type of climbing you do: Mostly hikin...

Intro to Mission: Philippines 2014

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A dance for God By Ace Concordia C4C Philippines coordinator CLICK HERE for details about Mission: Philippines 2014 Feet were stomping and hands waving like a bird ready for flight. Colorful robes were draped around the dancers and the sound of wooden instruments and gongs made up the ...

Mission Moments: Philippines

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Indonesian humanitarian mission to the Philippines By Budi Yuwono C4C Indonesia (Editor’s Note: Budi Yuwono’s home church of Abbalove in Jakarta, Indonesia partnered with DoctorSHARE, also known as the Physician Care Foundation, for a humanitarian relief mission to the Philippines. ...

Mission Moments: Philippines

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Responding to the typhoon's devastation By Francis Daytec (Editor’s note: Francis Daytec has been a Climbing For Christ member since March 2008. He is a medical missionary living with his wife Leah and their young children on the island of Mindoro, Philippines. He served with C4C Philippines...

Mission: Philippines Dispatches

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Mission: Philippines 2013 Foundation Day Dispatches Tuesday, Nov 26 (13:29 local time) The team met up with Pastor Jun Baday in Baguio City and traveled to Kibungan. arriving safely at 10 a.m. The town of Poblacion is bustling with activities as the town celebrates its 113th Foundation Day. The...