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The Philippines is considered the only Christian nation in Asia. But when you visit its many islands and provinces, you find there are still many Filipinos who have yet to come to know Christ. In Luzon, in the mountains of the north where tribal people still live with no electricity and farm ...


Mission: Philippines 2020

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A new thing A new chapter in the Philippines. God is doing a new thing in the Philippines. Our work there began over a decade ago with Adreian “Ace” Concordia, former Climbing For Christ Board member and Philippines chapter coordinator. From 2008 to 2016, 19 short-term missions too...

Mission: Philippines 2016

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Climbing For Christ’s connection to the Philippines began in 2007 when Ace Concordia joined the ministry. Ace soon formed the C4C Philippines chapter, which began leading missions in 2008. In seven years, 18 missions were completed and membership surpassed 300. There were no missions carried o...

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The Healer

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Dr. Jo, right, with a patient in Tacadang. “So how are you today?” asks a smiling Dr. Jo Cordero as he ministers to patients during the July mission climb to the village of Tacadang in the mountains of Kibungan. It is the third mission climb for Jo as a member of C4C. He is no...

Destination Dalipey: Mountains on Fire

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C4C members trekking toward Dalipey. As I was sharing my testimony on ministry day in Dalipey, I used the story of the Bridge Master. When I got to the part where I talked about a train, the people there gave me a curious stare. Then I realized it was because many of them didn’t kno...

Mission: Philippines 2012

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GO! Join us in 2012 as we prepare for four mission climbs to the remote villages of Dalipey, Bekes, Culiang, Tacadang, Les-eng, and Badeo. » Dalipey (March 2-6, 2012) Click here » Survey Climb: Bekes/Culiang (May 18-21, 2012) Click here » Tacadang and Les-eng (July 20-26,...

Tacadang Traverse

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Mission: Philippines 2012 (The Tacadang Traverse) By Ace Concordia C4C Philippines coordinator Climbing For Christ will conduct its third Evangelic Expedition in the Philippines in 2012 by returning to the villages of Tacadang and Les-eng from July 20 to 26. This climb, dubbed the “Tacada...

No Invitation Required

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Survey Climb: Bekes/Culiang Trip Report (Mission: Philippines 2012) By Ace Concordia C4C Philippines coordinator “We did not send you an invitation to visit us, and yet you came. You are an answer to our prayers!” Pastor Samuel Bandas said, as he delivered a message at the worship o...

Thursday, May 17

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The survey climb starts tonight. I'm taking a nine-person team, whose names appear below, from Metro Manila. Kolbel, who works in Kibungan and is our 10th team member, will be meeting us in San Fernando La Union. Please include us in prayer until May 22. Survey Climb team: Ace Concordia, Gutch Gutt...

Going a little farther

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Mission: Philippines 2012 (Survey Climb: Bekes/Culiang) By Ace Concordia C4C Philippines coordinator “We will come and visit you soon!” This was the promise I’d made to Pastor Marcus Felipe, whom we met at a church service in Dalipey in February 2012. Pastor Marcus&rs...

Destination: Dalipey Trip Report

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The flames were visible in the darkness from afar as the forest fire raged. Some Kankanaey natives have started clearing land for farming; it is a practice of the natives that unfortunately is slowly damaging Kibungan’s natural treasures. We were on our way back to our Base Camp in Poblacion ...

Tuesday, March 6

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C4C Philippines arrived safely at Poblacion of Kibungan on Monday and we are now on our way back to Baguio, and then to Manila. Praise God for the successful mission climb! – Ace Concordia (0900 hours)