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The spectacular 22,205-foot (6,768-meter) Huascaran Norte in the Cordillera Blanca. (Photo by Gabe Colburn, C4C) Many powerful civilizations once called ancient Peru their home. One of the more prominent peoples in history to occupy this land were the Incas. However, in spite of thier stature...


Mission: Peru 2020

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Witnesses Sponsored climber Edwin Milla, left, and our late missionary to Peru, Jaime Servat, during Climbing For Christ’s Mission: Peru 2015 in the Cordillera Blanca. (Photos by Jordan Rowley) On August 8, 2019, Climbing For Christ’s faithful and beloved missionary to Peru, Jaime Se...

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Mission Moments: Peru

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God is always on the move By Jordan Rowley, spiritual coordinator, Climbing For Christ After a season of personal health and family issues, Climbing For Christ’s missionary to Peru, Jaime Servat, was excited to join the Mission: Peru 2017 team in late July and early August. It was ...

Dispatches: Peru 2017

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Mission: Peru 2017 By Gary Fallesen, founding president, Climbing For Christ Team selfie photo: (right to left) Michael and Rachel Wall, Gary Fallesen, Jaime Servat, Jordan Rowley, Edwin Milla, Lexi Hooper, Ronen and Aaron Hemphill, and Vetter Milla. (Photo by Michael Wall) Monday, August ...

Mission: Peru 2017 Prayer Bulletin

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Please stand with us in prayer for this Evangelic Expedition from July 25-Aug. 8. Learn more by opening the document below. Share it with other prayer warriors. Thanks in advance for interceding on our behalf. Pray on!

Mission: Peru 2017

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Fighting folk religion in the Andean mountains By Gary Fallesen, founding president, Climbing For Christ Jaime Servat surveyed the village of Chalhua, located about 10,000 feet (3,050 meters) up in the Cordillera Blanca mountains in Peru. Climbing For Christ has ministered there since 2011 a...

Jesse Fallesen

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Jesse trekking in Nepal. Nationality: American. Occupation: Supervisor, University of Rochester Medical Center supply chain. Missions with C4C: Mexico 2005, Dominican Republic/Haiti 2005, Kilimanjaro 2007, China 2008, Peru 2011 and 2018, and Nepal 2016. How long have you climbed? 20-plus y...

Building His church

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“…and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” – Matthew 16:18 (ESV) By Gary Fallesen Founding president, Climbing For Christ Pastor Duncan Nyozani sold his car for US$2,000 so he could buy a plot of land and...

Mission Moments: Peru

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Comfort for Jaime Jaime Servat, left, praying with a young girl on Mission: Peru 2014. (Photo by Gary Fallesen) Climbing For Christ’s Peruvian missionary, Jaime Servat, received terrible news that his ex-wife and his estranged son both died in 2015. “I was informed through an...

Mission: Peru 2016

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God will put people in your path for a purpose. Take a little girl named Alisson in a little village called Chalhua in the Peruvian Andes. We met Alisson on Mission: Peru 2011. She befriended our team and stole the hearts of team members. Jaime Servat, our missionary to Peru, has becom...

Hayley Hope Fallesen

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Hayley Fallesen sharing love of Jesus with Kurdish children on Mission: Ararat 2013. Nationality: American. Occupation: College student, professional ice-cream scooper and babysitter/nanny. Missions with C4C: Turkey 2013, Peru 2014, Tanzania 2014, Malawi 2016, and Nepal 2017. How long have you c...

Photo of the Week: Peru

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A rainbow appears over the church at Chalhua in the Peruvian Andes on Dec. 5, 2015. (Photo by Jaime Servat) “And because of his glory and excellence, he has given us great and precious promises. These are the promises that enable you to share his divine nature and escape th...