Mission: Philippines Dispatches

Gary Fallesen

Mission: Philippines Dispatches

Mission: Philippines 2013

Foundation Day Dispatches

Tuesday, Nov 26 (13:29 local time)

The team met up with Pastor Jun Baday in Baguio City and traveled to Kibungan. arriving safely at 10 a.m. The town of Poblacion is bustling with activities as the town celebrates its 113th Foundation Day. The team looks forward to a Kankanaey cultural show and prepares for tonight's program at the municipal hall open court. Joel Syyap (who was seriously injured in a rock climbing fall in April) is climbing once more as he was challenged climbing the trail going to our residence.  – Ace Concordia

Tuesday, Nov. 26 (20:42)

The team has just concluded a successful program with church leaders in Kibungan. Pastor Jun Baday shared a passionate message on the importance of the Kankanaey Bible. Tomorrow, the team prepares for the Bible survey. At this moment, the team praises God in a worship concert. It has been a truly blessed day! Ace Concordia

Wednesday, Nov 27 (21:34)

The team finished the Kankanaey Bible survey today and have a renewed understanding of the Kankanaey people and their culture. We met many old and new friends from the villages of Tacadang, Badeo, and different parts of Kibungan at the festival and witnessed traditional dances of the Kankanaey.

The day ended with a blessed dinner with Brother Faus and his family, who hosted our stay in Kibungan. To God be the glory for all that's been done! The team goes home tomorrow and fulfills the last mission of C4C Philippines for this year! Madaydayaw si Apo Diyos! Ace Concordia


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